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March 2015
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Neo-Nazis gather to support Russian imperialism in Ukraine NEW
Shiraz Socialst 15 Minutes ago
Putin’s useful idiots on the so-called “left” seem to be wilfully blind to the company they’re keeping: By Dale Street “The fascists are not in Ukraine, they’re meeting here!”, “Nazis licking Putin&rsqu...
Tsipras in Berlin: Alexis und Angela versöhnen sich NEW
Presseurop Blog (DE) 1 Hour, 14 Minutes ago
Der griechische Premierminister Alexis Tsipras hat sich am 23. März zu seinem offiziellen Antrittsbesuch nach Berlin begeben, berichtet Efimerida Ton Syntakton. Ziel dieser Dienstreise ist die Wiederherstellung eines von Vertrauen geprägten...
Summit: i deputati discutono di unione energetica e della situazione in Grecia NEW
David Sassoli 1 Hour, 44 Minutes ago
L’unione energetica, la Grecia e come rilanciare l’economia. Ecco i temi discussi durante il vertice del Consiglio la scorsa settimana durante la sessione plenaria del 25 marzo. I deputati hanno approvato le linee guida per una più...
Des militaires ukrainiens blessés sur le front de l’est rapatriés en Allemagne NEW
Bruxelles2 2 Hours, 9 Minutes ago
(B2) Un avion A-310 , spécialement équipé pour l’évacuation sanitaire (Medevac), a rapatrié  en Allemagne, 17 soldats ukrainiens blessés au cours des combats dans l’est de l’Ukraine, po...
New Themes: Saga and Satellite NEW
Im Herzen Europäer 2 Hours, 21 Minutes ago
Presenting two new free themes for your blogging pleasure.
New Themes: Saga and Satellite NEW
Eŭropa Civitano ... 2 Hours, 21 Minutes ago
Presenting two new free themes for your blogging pleasure.
Jørgen Kühl: Bonn-Copenhagen Declarations model for minorities in Europe NEW
ECMI InfoChannel 2 Hours, 29 Minutes ago
During a panel discussion on bridging the gap between the Danish-German border region, the ECMI Chairman Jørgen Kühl noted how the Bonn-Copenhagen Declarations ought to be seen as a model for minority issues in Europe. Continue reading &...
De Staat achter de dijken NEW
Publiekrecht en Politiek 3 Hours, 10 Minutes ago
Op 20 maart jl. sprak ik mijn oratie uit met als titel ‘de Staat achter de dijken’. Daarmee aanvaardde ik in het openbaar mijn ambt als hoogleraar Publiek organisatierecht, in het bijzonder op het terrein van het waterbeheer aan de Univer...
L’usage du français, suite NEW
Bruxelles2 3 Hours, 34 Minutes ago
(B2) Suite à notre « apostrophe » – faite par l’association des journalistes européens – section française – des autorités européennes sur l’usage du frança...
Addressing issues of asylum seekers with the Kosovo Ministry of Community and Return NEW
ECMI InfoChannel 3 Hours, 37 Minutes ago
With the number of asylum seekers from Kosovo rising in recent months, the latest visit by representatives from the Ministry of Communities and Return (MCR) in Kosovo in Flensburg was an opportunity for the delegation to discuss how Germany has been...
Regeringen tänker hålla fast vid den misslyckade drogpolitiken NEW
Henrik-Alexandersson.se 3 Hours, 45 Minutes ago
Regeringen har i dag beställt en rapport om narkotikapolitiken. Men hoppas inte på för mycket.Socialdepartementet har givit projektpengar till organisationer som är kända för att stödja dagens misslyckade, repressi...
Factor humano NEW
Bruselas10 4 Hours, 4 Minutes ago
A medida que trascienden detalles del siniestro de los Alpes comienza a cobrar predicamento el factor humano como causa última del drama.Los accidentes de aviación suelen ser el resultado de una combinación de fallos técni...
Constitutional subject and order NEW
Protesilaos Stavrou 4 Hours, 15 Minutes ago
On the substantivist conception of the constitutional subject as found in the main types of state organisation.
ACP Compendium of Risk Knowledge publication NEW
CTA Brussels Weblog 4 Hours, 37 Minutes ago
The ACP Group, with the support from the EU, launched this Compendium on the risks faced across ACP countries but also valuable on-going efforts to reduce them. The study shows that every five days, an ACP country confronts a major hazard that could...
EU funds IGAD Monitoring in South Sudan NEW
CTA Brussels Weblog 4 Hours, 39 Minutes ago
The EU will provide €5 million to the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) to support its efforts of achieving peace in South Sudan. The funding finances the so-called monitoring and verification mechanism (MVM) which is playing a k...
France helps Fiji with COP 21 contribution NEW
CTA Brussels Weblog 4 Hours, 41 Minutes ago
France has agreed to give financial aid to help developing countries implement projects to cut greenhouse gas emissions. The EU is encouraging other member states to follow suit ahead of the Paris Climate Conference in December 2015. All 195 particip...
Štěpán Ripka: Lidé v bytové nouzi by měli dostat šanci na důstojný život NEW
Jana Hybášková 5 Hours, 34 Minutes ago
„Když vás přejede auto, záchranka se vás také neptá, jestli jste se rozhlídnul, než jste vlezl do silnice. Ztráta bydlení je podobná katastrofa. Je v zájmu n&a...
Martin Sedlák: Francie přijímá chytrá opatření pro šetrnou energetiku NEW
Jana Hybášková 5 Hours, 34 Minutes ago
Když se řekne Francie a energetika, většina z nás si vybaví jaderné elektrárny. V posledních letech se však začíná pozvolna měnit i energetika v zemi, kde doposud...
Jan Kubita: Kdo nám to tu nechce ukázat své smlouvy? NEW
Jana Hybášková 5 Hours, 34 Minutes ago
Proč to dělat jednoduše, když to jde složitě, že. Zvlášť, když se to možná nechce udělat vůbec. Nejméně dva roky slibují politici vládn&iacu...
Wie ich mir ein besseres Europawahlrecht vorstelle NEW
Der (europäische) Föderalist 5 Hours, 38 Minutes ago
Entspricht das Verfahren zur Wahl des Europäischen Parlaments noch unseren Erwartungen an eine europäische Demokratie? In einer losen Serie von Gastartikeln haben Vertreter aus Politik, Wissenschaft und Zivilgesellschaft hier auf die Frage...
Gorillas, baboons and the wildilfe tourist ‘You’ in Uganda NEW
Ideas on Europe 6 Hours, 10 Minutes ago
‘Our cousins’ A furry face with a long snout and inquisitive eyes. He was not looking at us, the viewers – his attention was focused on the lush green jungle. The photo was taken in Uganda. ‘This is the baboon, our cousin,&rsq...
Transportcommissie Europees Parlement tegen investeringsarbitrage ISDS NEW
GroenLinks Europa 6 Hours, 15 Minutes ago
Europa “Deze stemming van de transportcommissie laat zien dat er in het Europees Parlement grote scepsis bestaat over deze bedreiging voor onze democratie en rechtsstaat”, reageert Eickhout. “Eurocommissaris Cecilia M...
Europees Parlement neemt met initiatiefrapport standpunt in over TTIP NEW
GroenLinks Europa 6 Hours, 15 Minutes ago
Europa Een initiatiefrapport wordt opgesteld door een rapporteur. Dat is één Europarlementariër die de taak heeft om het standpunt van een meerderheid van het Europees Parlement in een tekst te vatten. In het geval v...
Benefits for unemployed EU citizens: the CJEU may complicate David Cameron’s renegotiation strategy NEW
EU Law Analysis 6 Hours, 34 Minutes ago
 Steve PeersThe issue of the free movement (or ‘immigration’) of EU citizens between Member States has become highly controversial politically, especially in the UK. In particular, their access to benefits remains highly contentious.
Benefits for unemployed EU citizens: the CJEU may complicate David Cameron’s renegotiation strategy NEW
EU Law Analysis 6 Hours, 34 Minutes ago
 Steve PeersThe issue of the free movement (or ‘immigration’) of EU citizens between Member States has become highly controversial politically, especially in the UK. In particular, their access to benefits remains highly contentious.
EU-parliament to buy new contents for its multimedia guides: €60.000 contract NEW
Bruselská spojka 6 Hours, 49 Minutes ago
„New contents of the multimedia guides“ for the DG COMM of the European Parliament. The total maximum amount of the contract is €60.000.The total duration of the contract shall be 3 months. Provision of the audiovisual material must...
The Israeli Spell NEW
El Blog de ECFR Madrid 6 Hours, 56 Minutes ago
The policy of Benjamin Netanyahu is far from ensuring security for Israel.
Stunning new Street View imagery gives tourism boost to Greece NEW
European Public Policy Blog (Google) 6 Hours, 59 Minutes ago
Just in time for spring vacation planning, Street View imagery of Greece has arrived in Google Maps. Starting today, travelers can get an immersive look at the Greek landscape, unveiling some of the country’s major cities, tourist destinations,...
What’s happening with GM? NEW
Blogactiv 7 Hours, 15 Minutes ago
Guest blog post by Jim Orson from the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB). I made a big mistake at the end of a recent blog when I mentioned that we could soon expect to cultivate GM glyphosate tolerant oilseed rape. This optimism chimed...
Indalecio Prieto en su Oviedo. NEW
Antonio Masip 7 Hours, 15 Minutes ago
Texto para catálogo exposición sobre Indalecio Prieto que abrirá en Oviedo 7/6/2015 en la Plaza de Trascorrales."Indalecio Prieto en su Oviedo"Indalecio Prieto Tuero nace en Oviedo el 30 de abril de 1883.Fue en el primer piso del...
Conchita Quirós en Alfaguara NEW
Antonio Masip 7 Hours, 15 Minutes ago
Conchita Quirós, la extraordinaria librera ovetense, aparece hoy en El País.Se trata de una magnífica foto del Jurado del Premio Alfaguara, en la página.46,que no he logrado reproducir.
Och nu Yemen i fokus. NEW
Carl Bildt (SE) 7 Hours, 20 Minutes ago
BRYSSEL: Efter några produktiva dagar hemma är jag nu som hastigast tillbaka här i Bryssel. Närmast ligger att deltaga i en diskussion som ECFR har om våra relationer i olika avseenden till det snabbt växande Asien. En...
Karel Hvížďala: Je tu čtvrtá revoluce a pátá moc NEW
Jana Hybášková 7 Hours, 22 Minutes ago
Naše vnímavost, naše mentální kapacita je vystavena mediálním procesům, které je nesnadné uchopit a definovat, protože jsou dynamické a tekuté. Ty nastalé t...
Local initiatives champion sustainability and resilience in central and eastern Europe NEW
Bankwatch EU funds blog 7 Hours, 22 Minutes ago
Read the stories at www.localeconomies.eu Environmentally friendly and people-centred economic activities at a local level are enjoying increasing popularity as a sustainable alternative in an ever more urbanised and globalised world. Various initiat...
NIS-Richtlinie: Verhandlungen wieder aufgenommen NEW
Jan Albrecht 7 Hours, 27 Minutes ago
Die 2013 von der Europäischen Kommission eingebrachte NIS-Richtlinie wurde von EU-Parlament und Rat Ende vergangenen Jahres diskutiert. Erklärte Ziele der Richlinie sind, die Netzwerk- und Informationssicherheit in der EU zu verbessern und...
Dibattito con Moscovici: i deputati chiedono una politica fiscale più equa NEW
David Sassoli 7 Hours, 30 Minutes ago
Gli Stati membri devono essere più trasparenti sulle loro decisioni fiscali nazionali, perché la concorrenza fiscale sleale falsa la concorrenza tra le imprese e potrebbe portare a una “corsa al ribasso”, hanno avvertito mol...
Perspectives nationales (2). Grèce : La lutte d’un peuple. NEW
Europe 27etc 7 Hours, 34 Minutes ago
Cet article continue la série “Perspectives nationales” série consacrée aux Etats de l’UE. En Grèce, l’année 2014 symbolisera la lutte d’un peuple pris au piège de la crise, entr...
Public Relations – just hullaballoo? NEW
MHP Blog 7 Hours, 39 Minutes ago
So this morning, walking to the office, I was listening to the radio and there was a song by Jimmy …Continue reading »...
Belarus Tightens Grip on Internet With New Data Retention Decree NEW
Global Voices Central & Eastern Europe 7 Hours, 54 Minutes ago
The new data retention demands are just the latest in a string of restrictive Internet measures employed by Belarus in the wake of the next presidential election.
Turning point: maintaining the independence of the European Court of Human Rights NEW
Verfassungsblog 7 Hours, 58 Minutes ago
2015 is a crucial year for the European Court of Human Rights: a new president will be elected, a major number of judges will be replaced. One can argue that the Court is going through a turning point in its history. The perceived independence of the...
Within the Sound of Silence. Dangerous Liaisons between Detention and Citizenship under European Union Law NEW
by Leandro Mancano (*) Many scholars have recently pointed out the need to revise those European Union (EU) instruments adopted under the former ‘third pillar’. This urgency has only grown after the expiring of the transitional perio...
Inhalt NEW
Jan Albrecht 7 Hours, 58 Minutes ago
4. Grüner Polizeikongress: Geld in Polizei & Justiz investieren statt in Überwachung Gegen die massenhafte Vorratsspeicherung von Fluggastdaten EU-Mitgliedstaaten verwässern den Datenschutz NIS-Richtlinie: Verhandlungen wieder aufg...
Call #13: Ph.D. in Individual Person and Legal Protections at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa (Italy) NEW
The Doctoral Program in Individual Person and Legal Protections is characterized by a strong commitment to interdisciplinarity. Ph.D. candidates enrolled in the program specialize in one of the following areas: private law comparative private law Eur...
Putin’s enemy within: Demonising the “fifth column” NEW
El Blog de ECFR Madrid 8 Hours, 1 Minute ago
In Putin's Russia, anyone who opposes the Kremlin is treated as a threat, while those who commit political murder and violent attacks are left alone.
“L’Europe n’a pas les moyens de combattre les djihadistes sur son sol” NEW
Presseurop Blog (FR) 8 Hours, 4 Minutes ago
BlogPour l'auteure d'un récent essai sur l'organisation Etat islamique, ce dernier ne constitue pas une menace directe pour notre continent, mais les Européens ne sont pas équipés financièrement et juridiquement pou...
Negotiating a new UN climate agreement: Challenges on the road to Paris NEW
Written by Gregor Erbach A new international agreement to combat climate change is due to be adopted in December 2015 at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The current clima...
ECR Group – Syed Kamall: EU leaders should not duck the tough calls NEW
viEUws.eu - the EU Policy Broadcaster 8 Hours, 20 Minutes ago
Syed Kamall MEP, leader of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, deplores the weakness of will of the European Council ECR Group – Syed Kamall: EU leaders should not duck the tough calls appeared first on viEUws.
TTIP und TPP – Wettlauf zwischen Atlantik und Pazifik NEW
Treffpunkt Europa 8 Hours, 22 Minutes ago
„TTIP kommt“: Das ist die Schlagzeile, die heute bereits in den Tageszeitungen zu lesen sein sollte, ginge es nach einigen Politikern in Washington. Denn die USA haben ein vitales Interesse an Freihandelsabkommen, um sich von der Abhä...
Renewing our pledge to the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs NEW
European Public Policy Blog (Google) 8 Hours, 27 Minutes ago
Digital skills are crucial to Europe’s future growth and success. We know that the current skills gap will only grow with up to 900,000 jobs going unfilled in 2020. This matters because it prevents businesses from taking new orders, building ne...
Termine NEW
Jan Albrecht 8 Hours, 35 Minutes ago
7. April "Grüne Lesung" des Kreisverbands Treptow-Köpenick zu „Finger weg von unseren Daten – wie wir entmündigt und ausgenommen werden“, mit Jan Philipp Albrecht, MdEP, Berlin. 11. April Laut Fett Bunt - Europa ta...