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March 2015
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Peter Pilz Blog vom: MITTWOCH, 04. MÄRZ 2015 NEW
Peter Pilz 9 Minutes ago
ALIYEV UND SEIN BERATER:DER FALL „BRANDSTETTER"Justizminister Brandstetter hat ein Vorleben, in das langsam Licht dringt. Je mehr wir nachforschen, desto deutlicher tritt eine Person hervor: Rakhat Aliyev.Neue Dokument und neue Hinweise ergeben...
Faut-il souhaiter que la Grèce quitte l'euro? NEW
Robert Toulemon 24 Minutes ago
          Platier, 4 mars 2015          L’ancien Président Valéry Giscard d’Estaing qui fut en son temps l’avocat de l’entrée de l...
Europeisk kulturprotektionism NEW
Henrik-Alexandersson.se 24 Minutes ago
En av EU:s kärnfunktioner är den inre marknaden – att varor och tjänster skall kunna säljas fritt i hela unionen. Vilket är en av de få saker som är bra med EU.Denna princip har dock inte slagit igenom nä...
Bank of England: Paul Fisher sieht neue Herausforderungen für Versicherer NEW
Reinhard Bütikofer 29 Minutes ago
Der renommierte Bank of England Manager, Paul Fisher, ging in seiner Rede auf dem Economist’s Insurance Summit 2015 in London explizit auf die heraufziehenden Herausforderungen und Gelegenheiten ein, denen sich die Versicherungsgesellschaften n...
UK secures important victory at ECJ to preserve the single market NEW
Open Europe blog 34 Minutes ago
The UK has finally won a key case on financial services at the General Court of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), who this morning ruled in the UK’s favour against the ECB’s desire to limit the clearing of euros outside of the Eurozone...
A referendum on Britain’s EU membership is a sure fire way to encourage the breakup of the UK NEW
Verfassungsblog 44 Minutes ago
David Cameron has pledged to hold a referendum on the UK’s EU membership if his Conservative party wins a majority at the British general election in May. Jo Murkens writes on the impact an EU referendum would have on the UK’s place in Eu...
Judy Asks: Can Nemtsov's Murder Change Russia? NEW
Every week, a selection of leading experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe's role in the world.
Här finns den nya världen. NEW
Carl Bildt (SE) 1 Hour, 29 Minutes ago
BARCELONA: Strax skall jag lämna det stora utställningsområdet och jättelika Mobile World Conference här i Barcelona för att flyga till Riga och andra uppgifter. Att vi står inför mycket betydande för&au...
EurActiv Institute invites the European political parties to discuss about the European primary elections for 2019 NEW
Casa Europei Cluj-Napoca 2 Hours, 19 Minutes ago
Recently, I took the initiative to organise a roundtable debate with the EurActiv Institute entitled: “Which European primary election system for citizens to connect better with the EU?”In 2014 the European Union introduced the Spitz...
Fin du roaming : Un retard inacceptable NEW
Le Taurillon 3 Hours, 6 Minutes ago
Alors que les Européens attendaient la fin des frais d'itinérances (roaming) sur le territoire européen à la fin de l'année 2015, la Commission a finalement décidé de repousser leur suppression à...
Quelles sont les promesses de l’UE, selon les Européens ? NEW
Categories: Opinion publique européenneTags: citoyens, communication européenne, EurobaromètreAfin de comprendre comment les citoyens perçoivent l’UE et ce que l’idée européenne signifie pour eux,...
Migrants Risk Death to Escape to Europe NEW
The Human Tsunami 3 Hours, 56 Minutes ago
“Migrants Risk Death to Escape War and Get to Europe,” by Charlotte Mcdonald-Gibson for Times Magazine: When sea water started seeping onto the deck of an old fishing boat as it listed under the weight of hundreds of people in … Co...
Rifkin despre regândirea Europei NEW
Casa Europei Cluj-Napoca 4 Hours, 19 Minutes ago
Jeremy Rifkin, economistul care a dezvoltat conceptul celei de-a treia revoluţii industriale, a fost invitat să vorbească la conferinţa organizată de Banca Europeană de Investiții, în Berlin. Înainte de...
Rotherham: and now for Oxford NEW
EU Referendum 5 Hours, 33 Minutes ago
After Rotherham, we get the Oxford report - reviewed by Complete Bastard. Notably, we see that five of the seven men convicted of exploiting the girls were of "Pakistani" heritage and the victims were all white British girls, but the report found no...
Alors que les Européens attendaient la fin des... NEW
Le Taurillon 6 Hours, 59 Minutes ago
Alors que les Européens attendaient la fin des frais d'itinérances (roaming) sur le territoire européen à la fin de l'année 2015, la Commission a finalement décidé de repousser leur suppression à...
Goldbear wars going into the next round... NEW
The IPKat 8 Hours, 14 Minutes ago
With Easter slowly approaching, you'd be forgiven if you expected to read about a yet another chapter in the perennial Easter Bunny dispute(s).  However, this Kat can offer you an update on the Haribo vs Lindt Gold Bear trade mark dispute:...
Zur Diskussion: Hedgefonds Win-Win-Gebührenmodell – Neu und fairer in jeder Hinsicht. NEW
Blick Log 8 Hours, 44 Minutes ago
Gastbeitrag von Spiros Margaris* Das von mir entwickelte innovative „Hedgefonds Win-Win-Gebührenmodell“ (Hedge Fund Win-Win Fee Model) geht einen neuen Weg, einen Weg, der für Kunden Sinn macht, verständlich ist und eine au...
EU Crisis: Frausterity Merkel: Warsterity: And the Greek Rebellion. NEW
Martin Nangle photojournalist blog 9 Hours, 38 Minutes ago
Suddenly citizens are feeling less European, becoming more akin to defend the beloved country.It’s a typical insurgent situation. A bad situation calls for intervention. Intervention makes a bad situation worse. Eventually the situation goes be...
Fact Checking the Conflict in Eastern Ukraine NEW
Global Voices Central & Eastern Europe 10 Hours, 6 Minutes ago
The citizen activists fact checking the conflict in eastern Ukraine believe their approaches are more honest and revealing than the narratives spun by either the Ukrainian or Russian state-controlled media.
Gunnar Sohn: Was Industrie-Siggi noch lernen muss NEW
Pan-Europa-Express 10 Hours, 9 Minutes ago
Aus der Kolumne Liebwerteste Gichtlinge Ein Gegensatz zwischen „realer“ und „virtueller“ Welt existiert nicht – so lautet ein Grundsatz der Digitalpolitik der Bundesregierung, meint zumindest Professor Tobias Kollmann, V...
Public Debt in Europe NEW
OneEurope 10 Hours, 14 Minutes ago
The rates of Government Debt vary significantly throughout Europe and reveal important issues. This infographic of the Public Debt in Europe shows some staggering differences between European countries.  Those hardest hit by the Eurocris...
Brussels Briefing on Environment – All you need to know for March 2015 NEW
viEUws.eu - the EU Policy Broadcaster 10 Hours, 39 Minutes ago
This Brussels Briefing on Environment provides an overview of the latest EU environment policy developments. Brussels Briefing on Environment – All you need to know for March 2015 appeared first on viEUws.
Juniassic Park NEW
La lettre Volée 11 Hours, 49 Minutes ago
Le patron d'Air France a parlé aux entretiens de Royaumont (la version originale est là : https://vimeo.com/116748738). Un syndicat d'Air France a synthétisé la chose dans la vidéo ci-dessous, à voir apr&egr...
Alon Confino, “A World Without Jews: The Nazi Imagination from Persecution to Genocide” NEW
New Books in European Studies 11 Hours, 59 Minutes ago
[Cross-posted from New Books in History] Alon Confino’s A World Without Jews: The Nazi Imagination from Persecution to Genocide (Yale University Press, 2014) begins with a vivid and devastating scene in the small German town of Fürth...
Vhrsti: Je humor nebezpečný? NEW
Jana Hybášková 12 Hours, 29 Minutes ago
Už dlouho se o kresleném humoru tak hojně a vášnivě nediskutovalo jako letos po útoku teroristů na redakci satirického týdeníku Charlie Hebdo. My karikaturisté bychom mohli b...
The European Area of Freedom Security and Justice : still.. lost in transition ? NEW
by Emilio De Capitani More than five years ago the Lisbon Treaty entered into force carrying along great expectations for the transformation of the EU in a Freedom Security and Justice area. However even if some progress have been made … Conti...
Jacques Myard, « un Talleyrand de poche » NEW
Le Croche-Pied 12 Hours, 54 Minutes ago
Cet élu consulaire au Moyen-Orient attend du député qui a rendu visite à Bachar Al-Assad «des excuses publiques à notre peuple et à la République française»...
Brussels Cabbies Strike Against Uber NEW
Real Time Brussels - WSJ 12 Hours, 54 Minutes ago
Brussels taxi drivers, complaining of Uber snatching customers, strike against proposed liberalization of their business.
Il Presidente Mattarella in visita al PE NEW
David Sassoli 13 Hours, 5 Minutes ago
Il Presidente del PE Martin Schulz ha ricevuto oggi il nuovo Presidente della Repubblica Italiana Sergio Mattarella, presso il Parlamento Europeo a Bruxelles. Il Pres. Schulz ha ringraziato il Pres. Mattarella per aver scelto il Parlamento europ...
Petra Bielinová: Proč nikdo nechce Mynáře? NEW
Jana Hybášková 13 Hours, 12 Minutes ago
Když se v médiích začaly objevovat informace o tom, že kancléř prezidenta republiky Ing. Mynář nepodává oznámení o činnostech, majetku, příjmech, darech...
Flüchtlinge in der Ukraine: „Das Guantanamo des Osten“ NEW
Presseurop Blog (DE) 13 Hours, 52 Minutes ago
In den Medien wird weniger darüber berichtet, dass die Ukraine ein wichtiger Zugang für Flüchtlinge ist, die vor Islamisten aus Westafrika nach Europa flüchten, als über Flüchtlinge, die Europa über das Mittelmeer e...
The politics of US patent law reform NEW
The IPKat 14 Hours, 4 Minutes ago
This weblog has carried so much material concerning patent law in Europe that one might almost be forgiven for assuming that everything has gone quiet in the world's favourite market for innovation and patent litigation -- the United States -- and th...
Conseil de l’Europe – le Journal: torture en Europe, Concours européen de plaidoiries & funérailles de Boris Nemtsov – 3 mars 2015 NEW
viEUws.eu - the EU Policy Broadcaster 14 Hours, 7 Minutes ago
Journal du Conseil de l’Europe, semaine du 3 mars 2015. Dans l’édition de cette semaine : torture en Europe, Concours européen de plaidoirie & les funérailles de Boris Nemtsov Conseil de l’Europe – le...
Jan Urban: Proč vyvěsit tibetské vlajky NEW
Jana Hybášková 14 Hours, 31 Minutes ago
10. března 2015 mezinárodní kampaň “Vlajka pro Tibet” připomene 56. výročí povstání Tibeťanů proti čínské okupaci. Při jeho mimořá...
Cervezas y Politikon Día de la Mujer NEW
Politikon 14 Hours, 36 Minutes ago
Como sabéis, estamos celebrando la Semana de la Mujer en Politikon, y como cierre os hemos preparado un Cervezas y Politikon Especial Día de la Mujer para este sábado en […]...
Authorisation of GM maize: “Commission should not push ahead” based on incomplete risk assessment, the Greens argue NEW
viEUws.eu - the EU Policy Broadcaster 14 Hours, 45 Minutes ago
Richard More O'Ferrall of the Greens Group discusses the authorisation of a new variety of genetically-modified maize by the European Commission. Authorisation of GM maize: “Commission should not push ahead” based on incomplete risk asses...
Climate change targets: “blasé approach of the Commission” worries the Greens NEW
viEUws.eu - the EU Policy Broadcaster 14 Hours, 49 Minutes ago
Richard More O'Ferrall, spokesperson of the Greens group, discusses the prospects for the Environment Council that will take place in Brussels on Friday 6 March. Climate change targets: “blasé approach of the Commission” worries th...
PCS union troll Francis Maude NEW
Political Scrapbook 14 Hours, 54 Minutes ago
With an election looming the final exchanges of numerous political battles are playing out, the most bitter of which feature antagonists who are not only at the end of a parliament — but the end of their careers. A case in p...
Bruxelles offre un répit piégé à Bruxelles pour rentrer dans les clous du Pacte NEW
Coulisses de Bruxelles (Libération) 14 Hours, 54 Minutes ago
Photo Siska Gremmelprez. AFPBonne et mauvaise nouvelles. La bonne : Bruxelles accorde à la France deux ans supplémentaires, soit jusqu’en 2017, pour ramener son déficit sous le plafond des 3% du PIB contre 4,4% en 2014. La...
Allemagne, la mal-aimée de l'Europe NEW
Coulisses de Bruxelles (Libération) 14 Hours, 54 Minutes ago
Wolfgang Schäuble, vêtu d’un uniforme de la Wehrmacht, l’armée du IIIème Reich, croix de guerre autour du cou, s’adresse aux Grecs : « nous insistons pour faire du savon avec votre gras ». Et d&r...
Entre Dijsselbloem et Varoufákis, la violence est restée verbale NEW
Coulisses de Bruxelles (Libération) 14 Hours, 54 Minutes ago
DROIT DE SUITE. Dans une interview au «Financial Times», le président de l'Eurogroupe dément tout heurt physique entre lui et le ministre grec. Ce que je n'ai jamais prétendu.
Athènes fléchit, Bruxelles valide NEW
Coulisses de Bruxelles (Libération) 14 Hours, 54 Minutes ago
Aléxis Tsípras à Atèenes le 5 février. (Photo Yannis Behrakis. AFP)«On ne mène un combat que si on a une chance de le gagner, ironise un diplomate européen. Le gouvernement Syriza a oublié...
Grèce: Varoufakis pète les plombs NEW
Coulisses de Bruxelles (Libération) 15 Hours, 19 Minutes ago
Le ministre des Finances grec, Yanis Varoufakis, à Bruxelles, le 17 février. (Photo Francois Lenoir. Reuters)«Menteur !» hurle Yánis Varoufákis, fou de rage. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, habitué à la cour...
Where’s Cathy? What Has Happened to Ashton’s Role in Iran Talks? NEW
Real Time Brussels - WSJ 15 Hours, 34 Minutes ago
The EU's former foreign policy chief was supposed to be in the midst of the nuclear talks with Iran. She isn't.
Daniel Cohn-Bendit: l'Allemagne et la Grèce, "c'est mythe contre mythe" NEW
Coulisses de Bruxelles (Libération) 15 Hours, 44 Minutes ago
Daniel Cohn-Bendit, ancien coprésident du groupe Vert au Parlement européen, répond à nos questions.Alternativ für Deutschland (AFD), un parti europhobe, a fait son entrée au Parlement de Hambourg. Cela va-t-il...
Crisis in Yemen NEW
the FRIDE blog 15 Hours, 49 Minutes ago
Yemen is on the brink of collapse, with Houthi rebels having taken over large parts of the country, including the capital, Sanaa. After months of tightening control and the resignation of former President Hadi in January, the Houthis have dissolved p...
Respect Party poster compares George Galloway to Old Spice model NEW
Political Scrapbook 16 Hours, 4 Minutes ago
Aside from the hilarity of George “not everybody needs to be asked prior to each insertion” Galloway providing a safe space for women, Scrapbook couldn’t help noticing that the branding of the “Hello L...
Umfrage: Next stop Grexit? NEW
Lost in EUrope 16 Hours, 4 Minutes ago
Eine Woche nach der Eurogruppen-Entscheidung zu Griechenland wird die Lage immer unübersichtlicher. Mal heißt es, man bereite bereits das 3. PROGRAMM vor, dann sieht es wieder nach Crash aus.  Zuletzt haben sogar Syriza-Abgeordnete ge...
Council of Europe – the Journal: torture in Europe, ECHR Moot court competition & Boris Nemtsov’s funeral 3 March NEW
viEUws.eu - the EU Policy Broadcaster 16 Hours, 11 Minutes ago
Council of Europe – the Journal, covering: torture in Europe, ECHR Moot court competition & Boris Nemtsov's funeral – 3 March 2015 Council of Europe – the Journal: torture in Europe, ECHR Moot court competition & Boris Nemts...
Morning Star’s ‘anti-fascist’ label for rebels in East Ukraine crass and niave NEW
Shiraz Socialst 16 Hours, 19 Minutes ago
Ever since the Maidan uprising against Putin’s stooge Yanukovych just over a year ago, the Morning Star (indirectly controlled by the British CP and funded by many UK trade unions) has persisted in referring to the Kiev government and...