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August 2014
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Joe Wilder with Benny Goodman: ‘To Russia Without Love’ NEW
Shiraz Socialst 5 Hours, 22 Minutes ago
Above: Goodman plays to his Russian audience, 1962 The death in May of Joe Wilder, a beautiful, underrated trumpet player, and delightful human being, reminded me that Joe had been one of the trumpet players on Benny Goodman&rsquo...
Israel/Palestine unity event: a small glimmer of hope in London NEW
Shiraz Socialst 6 Hours, 42 Minutes ago
From Ham & High: Music without frontiers, a music and culinary event at St Peter’s church to promote Israeli/Palestinian unity, has been organised by Anna Marks, Violeta Barrena and Muna A joint Israeli and Arab fundraiser promoting Muslim...
¿Qué liderazgo nos encontramos en el Amanecer del Planeta de los Simios? NEW
Ciudadano Morante 9 Hours, 32 Minutes ago
El miércoles pasado estuve viendo en el cine, “El Amanecer del Planeta de los Simios”, una película dirigida por Matt Reeves que cuenta entre los actores con Andy Serkis, Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, Keri Russell, Toby Kebbell...
Local Culture as a Silent Enabler of Aggressive Organizational Cultures: The Case of a Hometown’s Bus Company NEW
The Worden Report 10 Hours, 44 Minutes ago
It can be expected that a city’s culture penetrates into organizational cultures. Unfortunately, this means that a local dysfunctional culture can give rise to, or intensify, the dysfunctional culture of a company. Where the company operates th...
What does it take for the Commission to take a Schengen complaint seriously? NEW
Jon Worth's Euroblog 10 Hours, 51 Minutes ago
Back in May I was subjected to the most extraordinary border control identity check at Perpignan station. I have blogged the transcript of the encounter here, and sent this to the European Commission, hoping they see this as non-Schengen compliant. T...
[ #demokratie ] Arbeitshilfe Politik und Glaubwürdigkeit: Vertrauen schaffen! NEW
[citizen | bürgerInnen | citoyen] 11 Hours, 26 Minutes ago
Konventionelle Formen politischer Beteiligung - wie die Beteiligung an Wahlen oder das Engagement und die Mitgliedschaft in Parteien - nehmen seit den 70er Jahren kontinuierlich ab. Damit verbunden ist eine Zunahme sozialer Selektivität festzust...
Jailed Slovenia’s Ex-Prime Minister Comes to Inaugural Parliament Session NEW
New Europe - WSJ 11 Hours, 36 Minutes ago
A recently jailed ex-Prime Minister Janez Jansa Friday received a brief pass to leave his low-security prison to take part in the inaugural session of the country's parliament, of which he's a member after winning a seat in the July election. Mr. Ja...
ECFR’s summer reading list NEW
Whose world order? – ECFR’s blog 12 Hours, 5 Minutes ago
Welcome to our summer reading list, featuring some of our key reports from recent months that deserve a second look. You can download them in PDF or take them to your holiday location on yourRead more…...
[ #ngo ] Politische Mitgliederorganisationen zukunftsfähig gestalten NEW
[citizen | bürgerInnen | citoyen] 12 Hours, 10 Minutes ago
In der Broschüre sind die wichtigsten Ergebnisse der Fachtagung "Ehrenamt (be)leben!" zusammengefasst und innovative Beispiele aus der Praxis von Partei und Gewerkschaften vorgestellt.Die Broschüre "Politische Mitgliederorganisationen zukun...
Labour PCC candidate ‘doesn’t know date of his own by-election’ NEW
Political Scrapbook 12 Hours, 27 Minutes ago
Rule number one of political organising: establish what date the election is on. A Labour candidate emails members in his region … A historic Friday election in the middle of Summer? This hit inboxes 12 minutes later … Th...
Writing Through Grief NEW
Blog von Andreas Grieß 12 Hours, 31 Minutes ago
For many of us, writing is cathartic. These moms use their blogs to process (and heal) in the aftermath of a parent's most painful experience.
Writing Through Grief NEW
For many of us, writing is cathartic. These moms use their blogs to process (and heal) in the aftermath of a parent's most painful experience.
Writing Through Grief NEW
Bursting the Brussels Bubble… 12 Hours, 31 Minutes ago
For many of us, writing is cathartic. These moms use their blogs to process (and heal) in the aftermath of a parent's most painful experience.
Writing Through Grief NEW
Im Herzen Europäer 12 Hours, 31 Minutes ago
For many of us, writing is cathartic. These moms use their blogs to process (and heal) in the aftermath of a parent's most painful experience.
Writing Through Grief NEW
Eŭropa Civitano ... 12 Hours, 31 Minutes ago
For many of us, writing is cathartic. These moms use their blogs to process (and heal) in the aftermath of a parent's most painful experience.
The Erasmus Student Mobility NEW
OneEurope 12 Hours, 32 Minutes ago
This infographic shows which are the countries with the highest number of student exchanges in Europe. According to this infographic Spain, France, Germany and Italy are the four countries with the highest number of student exchanges.The image surpr...
Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) a reality as of today NEW
Today, the new Single European Payments area is officially in force.  Based on the cooperation of European banks, the system provides a new way to make credit and debit payments (thus, including bank transfers) to any European country under the sam...
Ebola in Europa…. NEW
Karpfenteich 12 Hours, 47 Minutes ago
Auch in Europa gibt es Zeichen der Beunruhigung. Die Briten sprechen von einer ‘Bedrohung’, während Frankreich so wie die Europäische Union versichert, dass es ‘die Mittel zum Gegensteuern’ habe. Das ist das Mindeste...
Ist das wirklich gut….? NEW
Karpfenteich 12 Hours, 50 Minutes ago
Das Staatsoberhaupt eines Landes steht zur Wahl, dessen Hauptstadt über 2600 km von Berlin entfernt liegt. Und dennoch elektrisiert diese Wahl die 1,4 Millionen Türken, die in Deutschland wahlberechtigt sind, viel mehr, als es jemals eine B...
Video Games Inspire Real-Life Firefighting Robot NEW
Date: 01/08/2014 - 18:31 Even though the driver survives the inferno as a result, the firefighter never receives a bravery medal - or indeed any kind of recognition.  This kind of dramatic rescue is just part of a routine day’s work.
Making the most of pig manure NEW
Date: 01/08/2014 - 17:59 Pig slurry is produced in massive quantities – more than 930 million cubic metres in the EU alone in 2008. Traditionally, farmers disposed of this mix of urine, faeces and waste water by simply spreading it on the...
Petr Klán: Imaginárno NEW
Jana Hybášková 13 Hours, 13 Minutes ago
Imaginárno vznikalo podobně jako mnoho významných věcí. Řešením nevýznamného problému. Trvalo dvě staletí, než se druhá odmocnina z minus jedn&eacut...
Friday fantasies NEW
The IPKat 13 Hours, 20 Minutes ago
Forthcoming IP events. Even though it's the summer (in the Northern hemisphere, at any rate) and there's not much going on in terms of conferences and other events, new forthcoming attractions for the rest of the year and indeed beyond continue to be...
Central European Factory Output Mixed in July, Still Mostly Strong NEW
New Europe - WSJ 13 Hours, 29 Minutes ago
Central Europe’s factory output was mixed in July, going strong in the Czech Republic and Hungary, but hitting a bump in Poland reflecting varied domestic demand across the region and different connections with key euro-zone export markets, dat...
Europe’s Russian Connections NEW
iMFdirect 13 Hours, 46 Minutes ago
By Aasim M. Husain, Anna Ilyina and Li Zeng The conflict in Ukraine and the related imposition of sanctions against Russia signal an escalation of geopolitical tensions that is already being felt in the Russian financial markets (Chart 1). A deterior...
Links and Levers: How the Caucasus and Central Asia Are Tied to Russia NEW
iMFdirect 13 Hours, 46 Minutes ago
By Alberto Behar The countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia (CCA) are closely linked with Russia through trade, financial, and labor market channels. These ties have served the region well in recent years, helping it make significant economic gai...
Games theory NEW
MHP Blog 14 Hours, 13 Minutes ago
Since the tongue-in-cheek Commonwealth Games opening ceremony kicked off two weeks of sporting activity in Glasgow, political anoraks has been …Continue reading »...
Zwei IFAIR-Mitglieder unter den besten 10 Essays im Review-2014 des Auswärtigen Amtes NEW
IFAIR 14 Hours, 14 Minutes ago
Kilian Spandler und Hanna Pfeifer haben es mit ihrem Essay „Komplexität aufbauen statt abbauen – Wider eine Politik der neuen deutschen Verantwortung“ in die Endrunde des Essay-Wettbewerbes der Review-2014-Initiative des Ausw&a...
On the Duty of Public Service: The Case of Rep. Eric Cantor NEW
The Worden Report 14 Hours, 34 Minutes ago
Public service, such as holding public office and defending the homeland under attack, is rooted historically in a duty rather than being intended to further personal ambitions. Hence, public advancement is a reward for having gone beyond the call of...
Entrée en vigueur de la Convention d’Istanbul : un pas en avant dans la lutte contre la violence à l’égard des femmes et la violence domestique NEW
Mieux connaître vos droits en Europe 14 Hours, 40 Minutes ago
La Convention d’Istanbul entre en vigueur le 1er Août 2014.Adoptée depuis 2011 par le Comité des Ministres, la ratification de la Convention a dépassé la barre des dix pays signataires, ce qui permet son entr&e...
I söder och i öster… NEW
Carl Bildt (SE) 15 Hours, 16 Minutes ago
VID MEDELHAVET: Vi skriver sommaren 2014, men jag tillhär dem som vid sidan av dagens allt värre kriser följer med vad som hände för exakt hundra år sedan den ödesdigra sommaren 1914. Vid det här laget hade Wi...
Belgium’s Remembrance Marathon Begins NEW
Real Time Brussels - WSJ 15 Hours, 17 Minutes ago
One hundred years ago, World War One began. In Liège, on Monday, Belgium begins four years of commemoration for this War which flattened the country of 11 million.
In Detroit, free enterprise is slowly trying to find its way back through the hurdles of statism NEW
¡No Pasarán! 15 Hours, 32 Minutes ago
This may come as a surpriseadmits Carine Martinez-Gouhier (as much a surprise to herself as to anybody else),but my first impression of Detroit was good. It was not thanks to the government but to free enterprise and the hard work and aspirations t...
Banks Seek to Resurrect Czechoslovakia NEW
New Europe - WSJ 15 Hours, 38 Minutes ago
Prague and Bratislava are sometimes referred to as cities in Czechoslovakia despite the peaceful Velvet Divorce cast the Czech Republic and Slovakia on their separate ways in January 1993. A small group of exporters has decided to capitalize on the e...
Targus replacement wheels NEW
Jon Worth's Euroblog 15 Hours, 49 Minutes ago
Just over three years ago I purchased a Targus TEV001EU Business Roller Notebook Case. The case had good reviews on Amazon and the price was good as well. After two years of frequent use, one wheel on the case broke and the other has worn d...
BlogActiv’s public service announcement NEW
Blogactiv 16 Hours, 5 Minutes ago
To all of our bloggers, to all of our readers, The BlogActiv team is taking some time off in August. For the coming three weeks, we won’t be able to update our homepage, to provide you with newsletters and to answer to your queries. Our blogger...
UKIP resignations: drink driving and fraud charges … and the occult! NEW
Political Scrapbook 16 Hours, 20 Minutes ago
With three resignations in just one week, at least it’s not boring in UKIP … First up, their general election candidate in Yarmouth has quit over electoral fraud claims. Matthew Smith will be up in court in January next year charged with...
Sanktionen und keine diplomatische Initiative NEW
Gerhard Mangott 16 Hours, 28 Minutes ago
An Vorwürfen mangelte es nach dem Absturz der MH17 nicht. Als Täter wurde von vielen Russland angesehen, das dafür zur Rechenschaft gezogen werden müsse. Woran es wirklich mangelte – und das war mehr als überraschend &n...
The Basics On Core Details For Los Angeles Mortgage NEW
SHIFT Mag 16 Hours, 47 Minutes ago
How do you compare rates to locate the best mortgage ?” Is often the first question people request when considering mortgage refinancing or when looking at homes on the market as investment property, a second house, or primary residence. Standa...
Some Ideas For Keeping Your Carpets Their Cleanest. NEW
SHIFT Mag 16 Hours, 47 Minutes ago
Getting the carpet cleaned should be done here and there. However, it takes a great deal of time if you do this on your own; therefore, it makes better sense to hire a professional cleaner to do the job. However, before you do this, you need to know...
Tomáš Sedláček: Přejmenujme Česko na Bohémii NEW
Jana Hybášková 16 Hours, 59 Minutes ago
Naši utlačovatelé kdysi prohlásili, že jsme smějící se bestie. Bestie nevím, ale smějící se určitě jsme.
Cleaning Up the Espírito Santo Mess NEW
Real Time Brussels - WSJ 17 Hours, 2 Minutes ago
The Banco Espírito Santo debacle is astonishing on many levels.
La guerra de Gaza también produce daños colaterales entre la población israelí NEW
Elcano Blog 17 Hours, 7 Minutes ago
Acabo de volver de Israel donde se está desarrollando una nueva guerra en Gaza. La misma que presencié hace dos años y cuyas sensaciones trasladé a un post. Siento tener que escribir de lo mismo: de los sufrimientos que ca...
Magiczny Szanghaj NEW
NicolesBlog 17 Hours, 8 Minutes ago
Co sprawiło, że Szanghaj jest najbardziej zaludnionym miastem? To współczesna mekka handlowa! Szanghaj uhonorowuje swój dobrobyt zabytkami przemysłowymi, takimi jak na przykład Oriental Pearl TV Tower. Szybki ro...
Annus horribilis? 2017 could become the EU’s most challenging year to date NEW
Open Europe blog 17 Hours, 34 Minutes ago
We don’t want to be over-dramatic, but 2017 could shape up to be the toughest year for the EU in a very, very long time. Perhaps ever: If David Cameron gets re-elected, there will be an In/Out EU referendum in the UK in 2017 (though it could...
Pending referrals before the Enlarged Board NEW
The IPKat 17 Hours, 51 Minutes ago
A couple of referrals to the EPO Enlarged Board of Appeals have slipped past the nose of the IPKat in recent months. Avid readers of the EPO Official Journal will have spotted them already, but the IPKat thought that they are worth highlighting, part...
Cleaning Up the Espírito Santo Mess NEW
Simon Nixon 17 Hours, 57 Minutes ago
The Banco Espírito Santo debacle is astonishing on many levels.
Europe's Saunter Toward Losing Ukraine NEW
Judy Dempsey’s Strategic Europe 18 Hours, 24 Minutes ago
As Strategic Europe prepares takes a two-week break, the ongoing crisis in eastern Ukraine reveals an EU unable to exert a strong political will in dealing with Russia.