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Scrapbook’s Top Five: our most popular posts this week NEW
Political Scrapbook 1 Day, 13 Hours, 58 Minutes ago
The most clicked … Boris loses it when challenged over his 90% youth cuts Myleene Klass won’t pay mansion tax (she rents for £8,000-a-month instead) Leaked BNP member list: the houses that now have UKIP posters up Tommy Robins...
Lobbying Act: corporate spinners now told compliance is optional NEW
Political Scrapbook 2 Days, 18 Hours, 17 Minutes ago
The credibility of the government’s lobbying register has been dealt yet another blow, with the woman appointed to run the transparency initiative telling a private meeting with consultants that she has no powers to force them to...
Secretive Tory fundraiser and the ‘tax avoidance’ network NEW
Political Scrapbook 3 Days, 9 Hours, 52 Minutes ago
One of the Conservative Party’s top fundraiser can be linked to a group of controversial tax schemes which have seen some investors — such as footballer Michael Owen — forced to repay millions of pounds...
Boris completely loses it when confronted over his 90% youth cuts NEW
Political Scrapbook 3 Days, 18 Hours, 12 Minutes ago
Confronted with a leaked City Hall paper revealing his plans for swingeing cuts to spending on education and youth groups, the reaction of Boris Johnson to Assembly member Andrew Dismore is nothing short of extraordinary: Dismore: Will you...
Quote of the day: ex-adviser slams “chaos” of “useless” Number 10 NEW
Political Scrapbook 3 Days, 19 Hours, 51 Minutes ago
As the former enfant terrible of government advisers — and no less of an embarrassment to the Tories having left the employ of Michael Gove — Dominic Cummings was destined to give good quote in his speech (VIDEO) to wonkers IPPR...
Mosque invaders: “Good luck UKIP and Mark Reckless tomorrow” NEW
Political Scrapbook 4 Days, 7 Hours, 42 Minutes ago
Just hours after Political Scrapbook published photos of UKIP posters in the windows of properties on a leaked BNP members list comes this, courtesy of Britain First (now with a scary 580,000 followers on Facebook): “Our aim in t...
Delusional Prince Charles thinks he has “public mandate” for secret lobbying NEW
Political Scrapbook 4 Days, 7 Hours, 42 Minutes ago
Prince Charles plans to continue his secret lobbying of government when king — with his courtiers briefing the Guardian on his delusional belief to have “a public mandate … to relay public opinion to those in power&r...
Tories’ latest Euro rebels revealed: includes suspected UKIP defectors NEW
Political Scrapbook 4 Days, 8 Hours, 6 Minutes ago
Theresa May sent a voter ID survey to the Conservatives’ email list his afternoon: “With less than six months until the election, it’s vital we know your views about our country and the issues that matter most to your family. But th...
Leaked BNP member list: far-right now backing UKIP in by-elections NEW
Political Scrapbook 4 Days, 12 Hours, 20 Minutes ago
With UKIP defector Mark Reckless’ comments on forced repatriation, it is perhaps less surprising that he has already received a public endorsement from the leader of the country’s fastest growing far-right movement, Britain...
Desperate Dan: Lib Dem panic sets in over Alexander threat from SNP NEW
Political Scrapbook 5 Days, 9 Hours, 8 Minutes ago
Panic — and apparent confusion — looks to be setting into Lib Dem ranks over the prospect of Danny Alexander losing his Highlands seat to the SNP next year. Having carried George Osborne’s bags for nearly five years, a sen...
UKIP by-election endorsement from fruitcake ‘paranormal investigator’ NEW
Political Scrapbook 5 Days, 10 Hours, 7 Minutes ago
The best political literature is packed with endorsements from the candidate’s friends pillars of the local community, and UKIP’s material for the final week of the Rochester and Strood by-election is no different. Mark Reckless&rsqu...
Plebgate: Sun journalist referred to own readers as “plebs” NEW
Political Scrapbook 5 Days, 11 Hours, 46 Minutes ago
What you won’t be reading in tomorrow’s Currant Bun: Peter Jukes tweets what some Sun journalists apparently think of their readers, as exposed in evidence in the trial of former Murdoch staff over alleged co...
Myleene Klass won’t pay mansion tax (she rents for £8,000-a-month instead) NEW
Political Scrapbook 5 Days, 14 Hours, 56 Minutes ago
The appearance of Myleene Klass alongside Ed Miliband on ITV’s The Agenda has the right-wing media pretending that shouting in the Labour leader’s face about ‘fiscal drag’ and ‘taxing glasses of water’ counts as em...
Lib Dem councillor defends giving taxi license to violent serial rapist NEW
Political Scrapbook 6 Days, 8 Hours, 50 Minutes ago
A Milton Keynes councillor has defended a decision to award a taxi license to a violent serial rapist, claiming the man had “done his crime, served his time”. And in a sick twist which is threatening to engulf the coun...
New Plebgate claims: ‘That’s a bit above your paygrade, Mr Plod’ NEW
Political Scrapbook 6 Days, 12 Hours, 33 Minutes ago
Giving evidence on the first day of his Plebgate libel trial against The Sun, former Tory chief whip Andrew Mitchell has told a court “it’s possible” that he called one of his police bodyguards “Mr Plod”. Suing the paper...
Another Tory defection to UKIP ‘odds on’ before Christmas NEW
Political Scrapbook 6 Days, 14 Hours, 9 Minutes ago
With the Conservatives almost certain to lose the Rochester and Strood by-election to UKIP on Thursday, further misery could be in store for David Cameron — with bookies claiming that he should expect another defection from his own&nb...
Ex-EDL leader ‘forced to sell home’ by £125,000 confiscation order NEW
Political Scrapbook 6 Days, 16 Hours, 14 Minutes ago
Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has apparently been forced to sell his home to pay a £125,000 proceeds of crime order. Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) was landed with the bill after pleading guilty to a &poun...
Hypocrisy much? Tories attack UKIP candidate for attending Oxford NEW
Political Scrapbook 1 Week, 1 Day, 14 Hours, 1 Minute ago
With under a week to go until polling day in Rochester and Strood, the Tories are ramping up their attacks on UKIP defector Mark Reckless. Not only does their latest leaflet (above) recall the most notorious campaign literature in British by-ele...
Scrapbook’s Top Five: our most popular stories this week NEW
Political Scrapbook 1 Week, 1 Day, 15 Hours, 25 Minutes ago
Our most clicked stories this week: Tory chairman Grant Shapps threatened constituent Cameron ‘dragged from posh dinner to vote in white tie’ Far-right leader turned up to Cenotaph with knickers on his head Tory MP produces ‘lifesty...
Red top sees red: court hears Rebekah Brook’s ‘foul-mouth rants’ NEW
Political Scrapbook 1 Week, 2 Days, 12 Hours, 17 Minutes ago
Former red top editor Rebekah Brooks would regularly turn the air blue with newsroom rants at staff, a court has heard. On trial for an alleged conspiracy to pay public officials for stories, former Sun journalist Chris Pharo claimed that B...