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Greece shows what can happen when the young revolt against corrupt elites NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 21 Hours, 35 Minutes ago
The rise of Syriza can’t just be explained by the crisis in the eurozone: a youthful generation of professionals has had enough of tax-evading oligarchsAt Syriza’s HQ, the cigarette smoke in the cafe swirls into shapes. If those could ref...
The Guardian view on the Greek election: a new deal for a new era | Editorial NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 21 Hours, 35 Minutes ago
Syriza’s victory is a rejection of the toughest austerity regime in the eurozone and should be respectedAt a stroke, the Greek general election of 2015 has destroyed the post-recessionary political norms and assumptions of Greece and shaken tho...
Syriza stood up to the money men – the UK left must do the same | Zoe Williams NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 21 Hours, 35 Minutes ago
Just imagine: if Labour wasn’t so in thrall to economic bodies and their predictions, we might have a radical left of our own‘When you study the successful experiences of transformative movements,” said Pablo Iglesias of Podemos, th...
The Observer view on the Greek elections | Observer editorial NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 1 Day, 11 Hours, 52 Minutes ago
The lesson of the Greek national polls is that austerity must endThere are limits to humiliation. Barring an extraordinary upset, Syriza, a radical leftwing party previously confined to the political margins, will win Sunday’s Greek general ele...
Greece isn’t taking a soft option – the people demand real change | Maria Margaronis NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 2 Days, 20 Hours ago
If Syriza triumphs in the Greek election, it won’t be because of nostalgia for the bad old days, but a desire for reformThe posters on Athenian bus shelters look like windows to another world: bright colours glimpsed through cut-out letters tha...
The Guardian view of the Greek election: respect the outcome | Editorial NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 2 Days, 20 Hours ago
Whatever the result, the eurozone should not reject the voters’ verdict on Sunday but work with itIt is inevitably tempting to see Sunday’s general election in Greece as a make-or-break moment, which could determine the fate of post-crash...
Is Davos just an excuse for the 1% to have a bonding session? | Larry Elliott NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 2 Days, 20 Hours ago
Thomas Piketty wasn’t there but they were talking about his ideas: they’re committed to progress as long as nothing changesCommitted to improving the state of the world. That’s the motto of the World Economic Forum, which wraps up i...
The Guardian view on QE in the eurozone: better late than never | Editorial NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 3 Days, 19 Hours, 11 Minutes ago
A continent dogged by stagnation is years behind the rest of the world. But at last Mario Draghi is setting the printing presses to workTwo and a half years have passed since Mario Draghi promised to do “what it takes” to save the euro. B...
Germany shouldn’t be afraid of QE | Daniel Eckert NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 3 Days, 20 Hours, 46 Minutes ago
Of course quantitative easing has risks, but without it the wider eurozone – Germany’s trading partners – cannot flourishWhen the German public was first confronted with the anglicism “quantitative easing” around 2009, o...
Hitchcock’s Holocaust film is powerful. But in a cruel world, empathy is on the wane | Christina Patterson NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 3 Days, 20 Hours, 48 Minutes ago
An unseen 1945 documentary about Belsen is finally to be screened. Can such images even shock us any more?The women are smiling. The women ambling down the street, in sharp suits that now look fashionably vintage, look as if they’re off to a pi...
British Museum’s director receives a Teutonic lovebombing | Charlotte Higgins NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 3 Days, 21 Hours, 36 Minutes ago
At the German embassy Neil MacGregor is feted and adoredTo an ambassadorial dinner (not words I have cause to write terribly often), to witness the bestowal of the commander’s cross of the order of merit of the Federal Republic of Germany on Ne...
If France is to build a new identity, it must address its apartheid | Francis Ghiles NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 4 Days, 12 Minutes ago
Prison and employment figures point towards a failure by French society to integrate minority groups such as MuslimsAs horrendous as they were, the Paris murders were not a bolt from the blue, nor were they a French 9/11. They may have provoked a sho...
QE for the eurozone is a gigantic confidence trick. It should fool no one | Simon Jenkins NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 4 Days, 6 Hours, 5 Minutes ago
Quantitative easing will simply bury money in commercial bank vaults, when it is cash in circulation that’s desperately needed• Live blog: Thursday’s developments in the eurozoneAt last the euro’s lords and masters have accepte...
The Davos oligarchs are right to fear the world they’ve made | Seumas Milne NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 4 Days, 8 Hours, 22 Minutes ago
Escalating inequality is the work of a global elite that will resist every challenge to its vested interestsThe billionaires and corporate oligarchs meeting in Davos this week are getting worried about inequality. It might be hard to stomach that the...
Let Greece profit from German history | Jeffrey Sachs NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 4 Days, 17 Hours, 25 Minutes ago
As with Germany in 1953, the real issue is Greece’s need for debt relief, not whether it is deservedThe overwhelming truth about the Greek debt crisis is that it’s a massive distraction. Greece accounts for a mere 2% of the eurozone econo...
India’s tiger revival is a boost for that rarest beast in conservation: hope NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 4 Days, 23 Hours, 23 Minutes ago
In India and Europe completely different approaches have been applied to saving big carnivores – and both have been successfulGood news is vanishingly rare for nature lovers and so the revival in tiger numbers in India has been greeted with gre...
The Guardian view on counter-terror cooperation: walking the line | Editorial NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 5 Days, 18 Hours, 37 Minutes ago
After the Paris attacks, Europe needs to engage afresh with Muslim nations, but not at the expense of basic rightsTen days after the Paris attacks, the security repercussions continue. Yesterday Sir John Sawers, recently retired as head of MI6, calle...
Why Vladimir Putin should be at the Auschwitz memorial ceremony | Antony Beevor NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 5 Days, 18 Hours, 52 Minutes ago
We should forget neither the Soviet Union’s role in liberating the camps nor its antisemitic blind spotsOn 27 January 1945 a reconnaissance patrol from the Soviet 107th Rifle Division emerged from the snow-laden forest 70km west of Krakó...
The Guardian View of war in Ukraine: maintain the pressure on Russia | Editorial NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 6 Days, 18 Hours, 37 Minutes ago
The fighting and dying in Ukraine goes on but diplomacy is at a standstill. Sanctions must remain until Putin chooses peaceDonetsk airport, its runways cratered by shelling, its buildings battered and its control tower decapitated, is a modern ruin t...
Would you have a baby to keep your local public services going? | Fern Riddell NEW
Comment is free (Europe) 6 Days, 21 Hours, 14 Minutes ago
Women’s rights still take a back seat when it comes to government policy – like the dystopian deal brokered in one Danish communityWould you offer up your womb in exchange for public services? The news that the Danish region of Thisted ha...