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Crunch time! EurActory beta goes live NEW
Blogactiv 2 Days, 4 Hours, 7 Minutes ago
Yesterday was crunch time for EurActory, EU Community’s first tool to identify relevant EU experts. EurActiv, partner in the project, held an event at the European Parliament dubbed #Media4EU. Suddenly, we found ourselves surrounding by 150+ po...
Immigration and the Job Market in the UK NEW
Blogactiv 2 Days, 4 Hours, 10 Minutes ago
In a recent poll about the nation’s economic anxieties, the Guardian and ICM found out that 46 % of respondents consider ‘Immigrants undercutting workers’ as the primary motive behind the present state of British economy. The Guardi...
Can city mayors lead the way on sustainable development? NEW
Blogactiv 2 Days, 6 Hours, 43 Minutes ago
On a recent trip to San Francisco and Austin, Texas, I found myself accompanied by two potential agents of change – Benjamin Barber’s book If Mayors Ruled the World and a newly appointed Swedish city mayor, Niklas Nordström. The form...
The sick man of Europe is still sick and Syriza does not have the medicine to revive him NEW
Blogactiv 3 Days, 7 Hours, 54 Minutes ago
There has been much euphoria across Europe since Sunday’s elections in Greece. Alexis Tsipras, his boyish face fresh with triumph, hails a new era not just for Greece but the entire European continent no less. Man, this man is on fire. Just loo...
New tool for EU Experts – EurActory: let’s recap NEW
Blogactiv 4 Days, 7 Hours, 48 Minutes ago
EU Community will launch the beta version of its first, free service EurActory on 29 January at the European Parliament. But first, we explain the idea one ‘frequently asked question’ at a time.   FAQ7 – Hold on, let&rsquo...
Speech on Anti-Semitism at the Council of Europe by European Union of Jewish Students President NEW
Blogactiv 5 Days, 3 Hours, 17 Minutes ago
During her speech at the Council of Europe, in commemoration of the Holocaust, Mrs. Braden Golay, president of the European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS), reiterated the promise many of us make on this date each year: “Never again!” Wat...
Threat to free movement: security and Schengen restrictions in Bulgaria and Romania NEW
Blogactiv 5 Days, 3 Hours, 23 Minutes ago
The recent terrorist attacks on the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo and the hostage taking in the Jewish supermarket just outside of Paris have caused a major disturbance in European Union’s security policies. AEGEE-Europe acknowledges the grave a...
“Le Pivot” commenté par Dimitri Kitsikis NEW
Blogactiv 5 Days, 3 Hours, 50 Minutes ago
Suite à la publication, l’automne dernier, de la version numérique de mon livre « Le nouveau pivot géographique de l’histoire », je m’attendais de vendre en France et dans les pays francoph...
Fighting addiction to smoking and fossil energy NEW
Blogactiv 5 Days, 7 Hours, 58 Minutes ago
Mankind is exposed to two mortal addictions: smoking and burning fossil energy. In recent years Europe and other industrialised countries have started coming to grips with them while emerging countries have seen both addictions worsen. Germany is a c...
Migration Commissioner to be Greece’s next President? NEW
Blogactiv 5 Days, 20 Hours, 2 Minutes ago
Since two months now intense rumours are being circulated in Athens that the current Greek Commissioner, Dimitris Avramopoulos, is intending to quit from the European Commission and run for the Presidency of Greece. The Greek Commissioner was propose...
Short and mid-term economic policies of SYRIZA NEW
Blogactiv 5 Days, 22 Hours, 19 Minutes ago
  SYRIZA’s landslide is definitely something many media and political analysts would not expect. Over 900 correspondents from European and international media were in Athens these last weeks to cover one of the most interesting and crucial...
Putin regime’s crimes against humanity NEW
Blogactiv 6 Days, 2 Hours, 25 Minutes ago
The day of January 24 became the next rainy day in the modern Ukrainian history. The unprecedented cruel and brutal terror attack was committed in Mariupol. During the day the pro-Russian rebels fired at the densely populated uptown. As a result, 30...
Waiting for expectations – how will the oil supercycle end? NEW
Blogactiv 6 Days, 2 Hours, 47 Minutes ago
The oil price slump has come as a huge surprise for the market. The very scale of the phenomenon is astounding, of course, but what is really interesting is that although everyone knew about the spectacular upsurge in oil supply in the US, which lay...
Avoid chaos, bet on the young democracies NEW
Blogactiv 6 Days, 8 Hours, 28 Minutes ago
Guest blogpost by Coen van de Ven, originally published on Europe’s Footsteps. In North Africa, the dust of the Arab Spring has settled and new regimes have been established. But while Tunisia is praised as ‘country of the year’ by...
Entscheidung der Wähler für Syriza NEW
Blogactiv 6 Days, 12 Hours, 18 Minutes ago
Griechenland braucht dringend eine handlungsfähige Regierung. Das dürfte jetzt mit der eindeutigen Entscheidung der Wähler für Syriza erreicht sein. Schon heute wollen die Euro-Finanzminister über den weiteren Weg des Krisenl...
New tool for EU experts – What is EU Community? NEW
Blogactiv 6 Days, 14 Hours, 3 Minutes ago
EU Community will launch the beta version of its first, free service EurActory on 29 January at the European Parliament. But first, we explain the idea one ‘frequently asked question’ at a time.   FAQ6 – What is EU Communi...
Le nouveau visage du droit d’auteur en Europe NEW
Blogactiv 6 Days, 20 Hours, 53 Minutes ago
Julia Reda, membre du Parti Pirate européen, chargée par le Parlement Européen d’étudier comment modifier la législation actuelle, a rédigé une proposition de réforme du droit d’aute...
Governments must hurry and tax ultra-cheap oil NEW
Blogactiv 1 Week, 2 Minutes ago
International oil prices have declined to $ 50/barrel, levels not seen for years; but governments fail to neutralise these ultra-low prices by raising excise taxes. They seem to be much more interested in pleasing consumers than in seizing the opport...
Can Quantitative Easing be successful in Europe? NEW
Blogactiv 1 Week, 15 Minutes ago
Does this week feel like a prompt about turn? The announcement this week of QE for the eurozone seems to suggest that all those years of pain to bring budgets and debt levels down were not worth it. “We tried spending and borrowing less, though...
Who will be the next US President? Clinton? Bush? NEW
Blogactiv 1 Week, 1 Hour, 30 Minutes ago
Campaigning for the designation of “president of the United States” has already begun, although citizens are expected to vote only in November 2016 for their future president. That’s right, it is now almost two years before said ele...