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Addressing the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) nightmare NEW
Blogactiv 1 Day, 4 Hours, 25 Minutes ago
Guest blog post by Sorin MOISA MEP This article is an attempt to on the one hand understand the root causes of the ISDS controversy and, on the other hand, to spell out a set of possible compromises over this sensitive issue. Hanging in the bala...
What EU funded low-carbon energy solutions in Polish regions? NEW
Blogactiv 1 Day, 20 Hours, 13 Minutes ago
The low-carbon energy ambitions of Polish regions for future EU funding are very diverse with only a few promising cases as an analysis of the Operational Programmes of Polish regions shows. by Julia Krzyszkowska, cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog...
Owen Paterson: Has he called for #Brexit or #EUReform? NEW
Blogactiv 1 Day, 21 Hours, 54 Minutes ago
BBC reports is is #BrexitFormer Cabinet Minister Owen Paterson has just made a hard hitting speech on the UK’s relationship with the EU. He made a familiar case that the EU is as much a political union as an economic one. He concluded that the...
New study warns of sugar content in children’s juice drinks NEW
Blogactiv 1 Day, 22 Hours, 56 Minutes ago
Political Consultant Sam Blainey highlights a new report on sugar levels in children’s drinks. To read Sam’s article, please click here. The Whitehouse Consultancy is one of Europe’s leading public affairs and communications ag...
Boeing 787 ecoDemonstrator begins new round of sustainability tests NEW
Blogactiv 1 Day, 23 Hours, 23 Minutes ago
Boeing has launched a new round of tests with its specially outfitted B-787 ecoDemonstrator, employing it to test more than two dozen technologies to improve the aircraft’s environmental performance. The tests will evaluate software to improve...
Tipps für einen erfolgreichen Start ins Gastrogewerbe NEW
Blogactiv 1 Day, 23 Hours, 58 Minutes ago
Endlich der eigene Chef sein, selbstverantwortlich arbeiten, Selbstverwirklichung, die eigene Kreativität entfalten, ohne dass jemand die eigenen Ideen begrenzt oder einem hereinredet – die Gründe für den Schritt in die Selbstst&...
Ukraine will scrap gas subsidies NEW
Blogactiv 2 Days, 7 Hours, 27 Minutes ago
For many years Ukraine has wasted huge amounts of energy through exorbitant subsidies on gas consumption, coupled with in-transparent multiple gas prices and large-scale corruption. Due to these factors, Ukraine has become one of the most wasteful en...
EU und USA und Putin NEW
Blogactiv 2 Days, 18 Hours, 8 Minutes ago
Je stärker Putin zu rhetorischen Mitteln greift, umso mehr treffen die Sanktionen seine russische Heimat. Wobei die eigentliche Wirkung darin besteht, dass durch Fracking und Opec-Zurückhaltung das Erdöl im Jahr 2014 im Grunde zu billi...
What tech can do for policy NEW
Blogactiv 2 Days, 18 Hours, 36 Minutes ago
On Wednesday (19 November), EU Community joined a meetup at the European Comission which gathered different projects working within the ‘Global Systems Science’ cluster. To make a long explanation short: these are projects looking into us...
UK looking down and out on banker’s bonus cap challenge NEW
Blogactiv 2 Days, 19 Hours, 21 Minutes ago
It’s a bad start to what looks as if it could be a very challenging day for the UK government with UKIP looking likely to win the by-election in Rochester and Strood. This morning the European Court of Justice (ECJ) Advocate General Niilo Jaask...
Sécurité nationale : un concept flou, insaisissable, fuyant? NEW
Blogactiv 2 Days, 19 Hours, 48 Minutes ago
Le 27 août 2014 la députée Sophie in’t Veld (ALDE) avait soumis à la Commission la question suivante : ‘Can the Commission clarify its definition of ‘national security’ when applied in relation to ad...
European ‘hot air’ should not inflate overseas aid spending NEW
Blogactiv 2 Days, 19 Hours, 54 Minutes ago
By Hilary Jeune, Oxfam’s EU policy advisor When 2015 was declared the European Year of Development, it was seen as an ideal opportunity for the European Union (EU) to raise awareness on the bloc’s role in lifting people out of poverty. Ye...
The EU on the margins in Asia NEW
Blogactiv 2 Days, 20 Hours, 5 Minutes ago
For a few days in November Beijing almost seemed like the centre of the world. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Beijing brought together a diverse group of 21 countries from the Asia-Pacific which includes those as far flung as...
EBRD sticks to ‘business as usual’ in Ukraine NEW
Blogactiv 2 Days, 20 Hours, 17 Minutes ago
With Ukraine’s ongoing fight for sovereignty and integrity emphasising once more the country’s energy vulnerability in front of Russia, the need to radically reform the Ukrainian energy sector became crucial for the survival of the countr...
Volunteers’ Friday in Aalborg NEW
Blogactiv 2 Days, 23 Hours, 26 Minutes ago
At the end of September, to celebrate the arrival of the new season, a special event was organized in Aalborg (Denmark) celebrating its local volunteers and the huge work achieved by all the people, who daily and freely deliver joy and comfort to oth...
25.000 EU experts in each EU country NEW
Blogactiv 5 Days, 20 Hours, 51 Minutes ago
The EU is a complex game in which Brussels has a key role in close connection with the 28 capitals of the EU Member States. In previous messages I identified the 100.000 EU actors in Brussels, and now the “local EU actors”, those working...
New G20 ‘commitments’ on phasing out fossil fuel subsidies are worthless NEW
Blogactiv 6 Days, 5 Hours, 2 Minutes ago
At the Pittsburgh G 20 meeting in September 2009 the heads of government had agreed to phase out subsidies on fossil fuels by 2020. At that time, the global volume of these climate-damaging consumption subsidies amounted to $ 300 annually, mostly in...
European Manifesto: Area of freedom, security and justice. NEW
Blogactiv 6 Days, 19 Hours, 36 Minutes ago
Le traité de Lisbonne a révolutionné le rôle du Parlement Européenne dans l’Espace de Liberté, Sécurité et Justice. Comme le démontre l’étude ‘The “Lisbonisa...
How close did the Dutch come to ditching the euro? NEW
Blogactiv 6 Days, 19 Hours, 40 Minutes ago
The Guilder - was it close to making a comeback? Yesterday, former Dutch Finance Mininister Jan Kees de Jager, who held the role until November 2012, revealed something very interesting. Apparently, the Dutch government, together with the G...
Smart Cities, el escenario ciudadano de la nueva realidad híbrida NEW
Blogactiv 6 Days, 20 Hours, 50 Minutes ago
Según el cálculo realizado por Naciones Unidas la población mundial llegará a 8.000 millones en 2025, 9.000 millones en 2043 y 10.000 millones en 2083. Y… vamos a un ritmo constante. En el año 2000, la poblac...