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Intérêt Europe

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So what if? NEW
Intérêt Europe 2 Years, 10 Months, 2 Weeks, 4 Days, 21 Hours, 10 Minutes ago
The second round of Greek general elections is in less than 72 hours. In the last couple of weeks I have been far less inspired by the electoral campaign than I was in April and early May. Instead, I have grown increasingly worried about the next day...
Greek elections: the revenge of the old guard or a shake-up? NEW
Intérêt Europe 3 Years, 1 Week, 2 Hours, 2 Minutes ago
As the Greek elections of all times are quickly approaching in ten days, the old guard is doing everything that it can to ensure return to the not-so-good old times. Ask yourself, if as a shareholder of the Enterprise Greece you would re-elect the sa...
The dilemma and the solution NEW
Intérêt Europe 3 Years, 6 Months, 1 Day, 7 Hours, 6 Minutes ago
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Der Untergang NEW
Intérêt Europe 3 Years, 11 Months, 3 Days, 22 Hours, 34 Minutes ago
For all those who are playing the intellectual game, here is a warning. I am going to use stereotypes and I will generalise. Stereotypes are called just that for a reason and generalisation on basis of individual viewpoint sometimes may provide a sou...
No time to lose! Economy can't wait. NEW
Intérêt Europe 3 Years, 11 Months, 2 Weeks, 9 Hours, 59 Minutes ago
I spent two days at the Economist Round Table in Lagonissi this week and had a chance to talk to several high ranking civil servants, journalists, members of the Greek business community and representatives of the international institutions who overs...
Disenchantment and disappointment disappear overnight? NEW
Intérêt Europe 4 Years, 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 21 Hours, 10 Minutes ago
The Finnish elections provided a landslide, a big bang, a grand slam, a grand fart or whatever one wants to call it in the Finnish political system. While on one hand I would like to believe that nothing much changed other than the pecking order, per...
A little story about a little country NEW
Intérêt Europe 4 Years, 4 Months, 2 Weeks, 4 Days, 8 Hours, 17 Minutes ago
Once upon a time, there was a small country called Dimosio. Life in Dimosio was generally going quite ok. In Dimosio, there was a group of professionals, let’s call them magkes, working in one of the key sectors of the economy. The companies we...
Greece's despair and last chance NEW
Intérêt Europe 4 Years, 5 Months, 1 Week, 6 Days, 17 Hours, 17 Minutes ago
Sinivalkopurjeet 20100001.pdf Download this file About a week ago, the Finnish expat magazine aimed for the Finns in Greece and philhellenes in Finland, Sinivalkopurjeet (Blue-White Sails), featured my article on the Greek crisis. For thos...
The New No-Day? NEW
Intérêt Europe 4 Years, 5 Months, 3 Weeks, 4 Days, 17 Hours, 10 Minutes ago
On 28 October, the Greeks celebrate their No-Day, the non-agreement between the Greek and the Italian Governments in the eve of the Second World War. The No that the Greeks gave to the collaboration with the Italians led the country immediately to th...
Greek tourism should see the future - it's digital! NEW
Intérêt Europe 4 Years, 9 Months, 1 Week, 3 Hours, 57 Minutes ago
Yesterday, I was at the Expedia Partners Summit and 2010 Awards event (disclaimer: Expedia is a client). Speaking to many of those who participated, and having learned to know what Marilena Zagana, Director of Market Management Greece and Turkey, thi...
Dinosauria and an example of failed communications NEW
Intérêt Europe 4 Years, 9 Months, 2 Weeks, 5 Days, 8 Hours, 25 Minutes ago
The Greek kiosk owners and smoking product sellers are under pressure. Since the beginning of the year, they claim, their turnover is down by third and profits by 2/3 (I wonder, if this still means that they are profitable). It is no wonder given the...
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. - the second round NEW
Intérêt Europe 4 Years, 9 Months, 4 Weeks, 1 Day, 7 Hours, 16 Minutes ago
Since the story that I published last week, several colleagues and non-colleagues have shared their frustrations about the situation that professional services companies are facing in Greece. The problem goes far beyond the communications sector. It...
Intérêt Europe 4 Years, 10 Months, 4 Days, 22 Hours, 41 Minutes ago
Offer and demand in a free market is tremendously good vehicle for ensuring that goods and services are provided at the right price, the one that clients and customers are willing to pay and which covers the costs and provides a reasonable margin of...
Caretaker, undertaker - whatever NEW
Intérêt Europe 4 Years, 10 Months, 1 Week, 2 Days, 20 Hours, 42 Minutes ago
A Greek friend described his home as a country hijacked by communists. Another one said that it is under occupation like so many times in its history. I don’t know which definition I should use, but it deeply saddens me to see that something is...
What is it with Greeks and science? NEW
Intérêt Europe 4 Years, 10 Months, 1 Week, 5 Days, 16 Hours, 48 Minutes ago
European Commission published a new Eurobarometer on European views of science and technology. Reading it is somewhat hard, but in case that you need a quick glance regarding the results, a good country by country summary is here. For everyone who ha...
Norma starting in Athens Herodion Theatre NEW
Intérêt Europe 4 Years, 10 Months, 2 Weeks, 11 Hours, 40 Minutes ago
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Thank goodness it's already cooler! NEW
Intérêt Europe 4 Years, 10 Months, 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 19 Hours, 28 Minutes ago
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Interview of Finance Minister Katainen: better and fairer regulation to convince global markets NEW
Intérêt Europe 4 Years, 10 Months, 2 Weeks, 6 Days, 7 Hours, 39 Minutes ago
I spent most of the weekend at my grandmother’s but on Saturday I went to the neighbouring town, Jyväskylä, to meet old friends at the Party Congress of the Finnish National Coalition Party (Kokoomus). The only really interesting thing on the age...
Brand Greece NEW
Intérêt Europe 4 Years, 10 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days, 22 Hours, 56 Minutes ago
As opposed to Finland, Greece is a country where most things don’t work, but almost everything can be arranged (in Finland everything works, but nothing can be arranged). Is it therefore that the Brand Greece doesn't work, but it can be arranged? A...
2012 media, marketing, advertising, journalism and social media NEW
Intérêt Europe 4 Years, 11 Months, 1 Day, 5 Hours, 54 Minutes ago
On Monday evening, Stathis Haikalis (my CEO), published his eBook on the topic. The event we organised in TAF was intentionally small scale but successful. My own input to the book was limited to one chapter on changes in the way businesses operate a...