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Lower, flatter, simpler taxes will help everyone – especially the poor NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 1 Day, 11 Hours, 46 Minutes ago
There’s a silly piece in the Daily Mirror accusing Oliver Letwin, Minister of State at the Cabinet Office, of planning “tax-cuts for the super-rich”, which are supposedly to be “funded by millions on lower pay”. There&rs...
Left-wing anti-Semitism is anything but a new phenomenon NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 3 Days, 11 Hours, 31 Minutes ago
“How, as a socialist, can you not be an anti-Semite?” Adolf Hitler asked his party members in 1920. No one thought it an odd question. Anti-Semitism was at that time widely understood to be part of the broader revolutionary movement again...
Cybernats are undermining their own side in the referendum. Will cyberkippers do the same? NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 6 Days, 19 Hours, 27 Minutes ago
“It’s not so much the stats that have convinced me,” says a friend in Aberdeen, “it’s the people”. She has voted for three different parties including the SNP, enthusiastically backed devolution in 1998, and was op...
Does anyone really want a settlement in the Middle East? NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 1 Week, 20 Hours, 56 Minutes ago
What is Hamas trying to achieve by firing rockets into Israel? I’m not asking about its right to do so, or what the alternatives are, or the pros and cons of the whole 70-year-old dispute. I’m asking a narrower strategic question. What ar...
Opponents of the EU-US trade deal should watch this video NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 1 Week, 3 Days, 17 Hours, 36 Minutes ago
It’s already clear what the first big dispute in the new European Parliament is going to be. Should the EU sign a free trade agreement with the United States and, if so, on what terms? A number of MEPs distrust free trade in their bones. Almost...
What will it be, Mr Putin – the rule of law, or savagery and ostracism? NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 1 Week, 5 Days, 12 Hours, 23 Minutes ago
Lord Palmerston was our last Whig prime minister, and probably the most ebullient patriot ever to have occupied 10 Downing Street. When a French Ambassador politely told him, "If I had not been born French, I should wish to have been born British," P...
We can't be half in the ECHR – we should leave cleanly NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 2 Weeks, 14 Hours, 28 Minutes ago
Either we’re in or we’re out. There is no way of signing up to the European Convention on Human Rights without accepting the ultimate jurisdiction of its court in Strasbourg. The various compromises being kicked around in the Conservative...
'Diversity' has come to take on almost the opposite of its literal meaning NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 14 Hours, 55 Minutes ago
Where does it come from, this curious idea that the House of Commons should mirror the country in terms of race and sex rather than opinion? Behind all the talk of “looking more like the country” and “culling middle-aged white men&r...
Jean-Claude Juncker begins by praising his hero and inspiration, Jacques Delors NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 2 Weeks, 2 Days, 15 Hours, 39 Minutes ago
The EU has been shaken by the crisis of monetary union. The recent elections have seen unprecedented advances by Eurosceptic parties. But the answer in Brussels is still, as it always is, “more Europe”. Addressing MEPs this morning, Jean-...
If it weren't for the bloody EU, Germany would be our strongest European ally NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 2 Weeks, 3 Days, 9 Hours, 44 Minutes ago
“When the EU eventually collapses,” a student friend told me 24 years ago over a pint at the Bear, “it’ll be because of anti-German feeling in Europe.” “No,” I replied after a pause, “it’ll be bec...
Will the BBC screen Russell Crowe's Noah, despite its heretical attitude to climate change? NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 2 Weeks, 5 Days, 14 Hours, 50 Minutes ago
I started watching Noah on a longhaul flight the other day. It’s a terrible film, and I switched off after half an hour, just as Russell Crowe was saying something like: “A flood may not be stopped; but it may be survived!” As our p...
Europe is dying, says France's leading demographer, and Britain would be better off with the Anglosphere NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 2 Weeks, 6 Days, 21 Hours, 26 Minutes ago
One of this blog's constant themes is that Britain is shackled to a corpse: the EU is the only trade bloc on the planet that is not growing economically. It's important to understand that this decline is not a temporary blip. Although the euro crisis...
The Faroese have won their fisheries dispute with the EU. Feeling a bit ashamed, Britain? NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 3 Weeks, 1 Day, 8 Hours, 38 Minutes ago
I used to think that Icelanders were the most stubborn, bloody-minded, brave, uncompromising Eurosceptics on the planet. Then I met the Faroese. Iceland is a frozen lump of tundra, 600 miles from the nearest continent and horribly dark in winter. But...
Unremarked and unreported, ordinary Conservatives have turned against EU membership NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 3 Weeks, 2 Days, 21 Hours, 31 Minutes ago
“Conservatives select former UKIP leader to take on Farage” is how the papers covered it. Craig McKinley, the likeable and energetic Kentish Tory chosen to contest South Thanet, was indeed once leader of our third party, and stood for the...
The Swiss listened to Churchill. Why didn't we? NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 3 Weeks, 4 Days, 20 Hours, 43 Minutes ago
On 19 September 1946, Winston Churchill told an audience in Zurich something that, he promised, would "astonish" them. France and Germany, he declared, must come together to form the core of "the United States of Europe". That speech has since taken...
Our favourite Anglophobe, Guy Verhofstadt, is back, more bumptious than ever NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 4 Weeks, 21 Hours, 32 Minutes ago
OK, he's cross that his liberal group has been overtaken by our conservative one. OK, he takes it out – as always – on the British. Nothing new there. But listen to the way he is applauded from every side of the chamber. And then try to t...
On this day in 1644 Parliament established a supremacy which lasted until 1973 NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 4 Weeks, 1 Day, 11 Hours, 54 Minutes ago
Prince Rupert of the Rhine was everything we think of when we hear the word “Cavalier”. Handsome, dashing and impetuous, he had rushed over from the Continent when his uncle, Charles I, raised the royal standard in 1642. Though only 23 ye...
For the first time, the European Parliament has a Eurosceptic opposition NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 1 Month, 23 Hours, 29 Minutes ago
It feels different this time. As the eighth session of the European Parliament gets underway in Strasbourg, there’s a tang of politics in the air. Until now, politics was almost the last thing you’d expect here. MEPs agreed on most issues...
Juncker is named President of the European Commission – Britain's days in the EU are numbered NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 1 Month, 4 Days, 2 Hours, 7 Minutes ago
The game is up. No one will now believe that the United Kingdom can deliver a substantively different deal in Europe. The FCO's ploy of doing a Harold Wilson – that is, making some piffling changes and presenting them as a significant new deal...
Ten myths about Britain's relationship with the EU NEW
MEP Daniel Hannan's blog 1 Month, 5 Days, 6 Minutes ago
1. “We need to be in the EU to export”. Ever noticed that you can buy Nescafé in the EU? Or a Swatch or a Rolex or a Toblerone? Switzerland manages to sell four-and-a-half times as much per head to the EU as Britain. Norway sells t...