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Croatia, the war, and the future

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And Croatia’s Child Poverty Is Alarming – UNICEF NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 1 Day, 18 Hours, 44 Minutes ago
  A UNICEF report “Children of the Recession” released Tuesday 28 October in Rome says that 2.6 million children have sunk below the poverty line in the world’s most affluent countries since the financial crisis began in 2008.
Croatian Woman Veteran Dies Rallying For War-Invalids’ Rights NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 5 Days, 1 Hour, 27 Minutes ago
  What a tragic and sad week it has been for Croatia. “I’m here because this injustice is killing me. I went to war so that my children could have a better future but it turns out life is not better for me or for my children. I&rsquo...
Tour-de-force Raid In Croatian Capital Zagreb Over Corruption NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 1 Week, 3 Days, 18 Hours, 16 Minutes ago
On late afternoon/evening Sunday 19 October 2014 police in Croatia’s capital Zagreb have arrested 19 people from the city’s Mayor’s office and associated business holdings. Croatian and the world media are full of this story, as it...
Communist Crimes: Tito’s Murder Squads Targeted All Croats Who Opposed His Regime NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 1 Week, 5 Days, 22 Hours, 3 Minutes ago
  How much the “West” will have to answer for – or at least express profound regret – as its complicity in Communist crimes is gradually revealed, may be something that will come to light in no other place but Germany. Th...
Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina Secure A Spot On The Country’s Power Bench NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 2 Weeks, 2 Days, 18 Hours, 12 Minutes ago
    An eyeball overview of media outputs, particularly British, since Sunday 12 October 2014 – when general elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) closed – tells us that candidates from “nationalist rival ethnic gro...
Croatia: New Payments For Sports Excellence Reflect Communist Mentality NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 2 Weeks, 5 Days, 19 Hours, 4 Minutes ago
  A new article/regulation within Croatia’s Sports Law has since late 2013 made provisions for the “permanent monetary monthly payments to Olympic and Paralympic games medal winners, to winners of medals at Olympic games for the deaf...
Croatia: Hard-Won Independence NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 3 Weeks, 1 Day, 18 Hours, 45 Minutes ago
While Croatia celebrates its Independence Day on 25 June today, 8 October is also a day for celebrations and so is 30 May. It’s a national holiday that marks the final “administrative” step in Croatian Independence, a day when Croat...
Croatia: President’s Chief Adviser Axed Amidst Attempt To Rock Foundations Of Independence From Communist Yugoslavia NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 3 Weeks, 5 Days, 1 Hour, 17 Minutes ago
  It is pre-election campaign for Croatian President time and the current incumbent Ivo Josipovic, who wants another mandate, has axed one of his chief advisers, Dejan Jovic, for stating the country’s 1991 independence referendum as non-li...
Radovan Karadzic Genocide Against Croats And Bosniaks ICTY Trial At Its End NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 4 Weeks, 1 Day, 19 Hours, 18 Minutes ago
  On Monday 29 September 2014 the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in the Hague heard the Prosecution’s final arguments in the genocide and war crimes trial of former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, ch...
Croatia: Smearing Will Not Stick To Kolinda – She Is A Leader NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 1 Month, 2 Days, 13 Hours, 24 Minutes ago
Rushed, half-baked backroom deals that are doomed to wither away into economic impact nothingness, slow chipping away at corruption by processing “top dogs” instead of building anti-corruption monitoring in all places of public office, or...
US General Martin Dempsey Awarded Croatian High Ranking Medal Of Honour NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 1 Month, 6 Days, 12 Hours, 4 Minutes ago
  United States Army General Martin Dempsey, who is the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was awarded the Order of Duke Trpimir with Neck Badge and Morning Star (Red kneza Trpimira s ogrlicom i Danicom) in Zagreb on Monday 22 Septem...
From Croatian Diaspora – Meet the New Archbishop Of Chicago, Blase Cupich NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 1 Month, 1 Week, 3 Days, 13 Hours, 48 Minutes ago
    Pope Francis will on Saturday 19 September 2014 name Bishop Blase Cupich of Spokane, Washington, a prelate closely identified with the Catholic Church’s progressive wing, to be the next archbishop of Chicago. Cupich was ordained a...
Presidential Candidate Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic Takes The Rudder For Croatia’s Future NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 1 Month, 1 Week, 6 Days, 7 Hours, 11 Minutes ago
  She is refreshing, she is intelligent, she is prudent and wise, she is capable and highly skillful in public affairs of local and international dimensions, she is a leader whose paramount interests are those of the people she leads, she is car...
Fear And Loathing In Croatia NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 1 Month, 2 Weeks, 2 Days, 13 Hours, 31 Minutes ago
  Politics is a rough game, they say. The current president of Croatia, Ivo Josipovic, might have a lead as a favourite presidential candidate at coming elections according to surveys, which at best are left-leaning vessels trying to shape publi...
Croatia: Sensational Find Of Largest New Stone Age City NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 1 Month, 2 Weeks, 4 Days, 9 Hours, 49 Minutes ago
  Archaeologists in Croatia have unearthed what they consider to be the largest New Stone Age city ever discovered in the region. The new find stretches for more than 100 thousand square meters and is believed to be dating back to 4,000 or 5,000...
Croatia’s Marin Cilic Takes US Open Victory NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 1 Month, 3 Weeks, 9 Hours, 34 Minutes ago
I am speechless. I am breathless from excitement! Croatia’s Marin Cilic won his first Grand Slam title with a comprehensive straight-sets win over Kei Nishikori of Japan at the US Open Tennis Championships 2014 in New York. “After the wor...
Croatians In Shock For Their “Scotsman” David Haines Held By Islamic State Terrorists NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 1 Month, 3 Weeks, 3 Days, 12 Hours, 20 Minutes ago
Dragana, the Croatian wife of the British (Scottish) hostage David Haines has described him as “everything to us” in her first comments since IS terrorists threatened to behead him, last Tuesday. David Haines, father of two Croatian born...
Sell Croatian Diplomatic And Consular Missions? No Deal! NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 1 Month, 3 Weeks, 6 Days, 9 Hours, 44 Minutes ago
One week – it’s on, one week – it’s off! One week we hear that the Croatian government is planning to close some of Croatia’s consular missions in Australia (and elsewhere) and then one week we hear that this is not the...
Croatia: Tito’s Granddaughter Wickedly Mocks Victims Of Communist Crimes NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 2 Months, 1 Day, 1 Hour, 32 Minutes ago
  I have never come across a child, a grandchild, a brother, sister or spouse of a WWII Nazi war criminal who defended the actions of that war criminal who contributed to the horror the world knows as the Holocaust, or mocked their victims or th...
Croatia: Citizenship Not Only For Sale In ‘James Bond’ Movies NEW
Croatia, the war, and the future 2 Months, 4 Days, 6 Hours, 25 Minutes ago
  It looks like the Croatian president Ivo Josipovic and his politically minded allies from “former” communist echelons, i.e., the equally incompetent Social Democrats government led by Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, have watched to...