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From 1 October UK will have exceptions for private copying, broader quotation and parody NEW
The IPKat 15 Hours, 30 Minutes ago
Following some fear [here and here] that UK Government could have decided not to introduce exceptions for private copying, broader quotation and parody into UK copyright after all, last month this blog reported that the "miss...
A scoop ... of yoghurt! NEW
The IPKat 20 Hours, 25 Minutes ago
Miffy just can't get enoughGreek yoghurt ..."Greek dairy company Fage wins yogurt case in Britain" is the headline of a piece of breaking news carried in Ekathimerini today. The yoghurt case in question is Fage UK Ltd & Another v Chobani UK...
European Patent Reform: a high-power forum may be heading your way ... NEW
The IPKat 1 Day, 6 Hours ago
MIP: food for thoughtWhile interest in the governance of Eponia (the eponymous Central European fiefdom of the European Patent Office) runs gratifyingly high, as the comments posted to Merpel's Sunday night blogpost testify, a more serious thread of...
Kanye West Ain’t No (Crypto) Banker NEW
The IPKat 1 Day, 8 Hours, 23 Minutes ago
His Account is Not Likely OverdrawnOne of the defendants in the ‘Coinye West’ trademark infringement suit entered into a consent agreement with Kanye West and his company Mascotte Holdings (Plaintiffs) over the Coinye West crypto-currency...
Phew, what a scorcher! Police apply Sunblock to red-hot fake sales websites NEW
The IPKat 1 Day, 14 Hours, 50 Minutes ago
"Police placing anti-piracy warning ads on illegal sites", by Dave Lee, appears on the BBC website here. This piece reads, in relevant part, as follows:"The City of London police has started placing banner advertisements on websites believed to be of...
The heart of the matter: one patent, two views NEW
The IPKat 1 Day, 21 Hours, 57 Minutes ago
This guest blogpost comes courtesy of Katfriend and occasional contributor Suleman Ali (Holly IP), a patent attorney whose interest lies mainly in the biotech and medical fields --an interest that is quite germane to the case he writes about here abo...
Whac-A-Mole Trade Mark Litigation: Using U.S. Trade Mark Litigation to Combat Foreign Counterfeiters NEW
The IPKat 2 Days, 13 Hours, 22 Minutes ago
Beats By DreOver the past month, a number of well-known global brands have filed U.S. lawsuits against foreign  (predominately Chinese) online businesses for the sale of counterfeit products to U.S. consumers. Beats Electronics, LLC (dba Beats B...
Never too late! If you missed the IPKat last week ... NEW
The IPKat 2 Days, 14 Hours, 50 Minutes ago
Here is the fourth in our weekly series of compilations by our good friend and former guest Kat Alberto who is currently endearing himself to all of us and incidentally making himself indispensable by summarising the feature posts (excluding the regu...
Daylight robbery, value for money and patent renewals: it's time to talk NEW
The IPKat 2 Days, 18 Hours, 19 Minutes ago
The IPKat and Merpel regularly receive vast quantities of marketing literature. Much of it is plainly irrelevant to the content of an IP weblog and some of it, while relevant to the subject, is of insufficient interest or significance to mention to o...
Eponia: a State of mind? NEW
The IPKat 3 Days, 9 Hours, 2 Minutes ago
Practically independent already: the EuropeanPatent Office -- or is it now Eponia? "Scottish independence: Europeans with an eye on Edinburgh" is the title of an informative piece for the BBC website by Esther Webber who asks:"Voters will go to...
Friday fantasies NEW
The IPKat 5 Days, 12 Hours, 48 Minutes ago
Bogus bruin: more than the Cubs can "bear"Baseball team Chicago Cubs are reported to have filed a lawsuit against a group of five people who, they say, have been dressing in bogus "Billy Cub" mascot costumes, following which they are said to be parti...
When employee layoffs can spell trouble for your reputation NEW
The IPKat 5 Days, 14 Hours, 34 Minutes ago
Does the public announcement of a large-scale lay-off of employees affect a company's goodwill and reputation? At a certain level, bad news about company may well affect consumer behaviour. This Kat admits that, a few years ago, he was dissuaded fr...
Survey evidence: Mystery Morgan brings parrot back from the dead NEW
The IPKat 6 Days, 9 Hours, 51 Minutes ago
This Kat's email inbox has been building up all day with excited missives about the fact that an endangered species, indeed one that was thought at one stage to be extinct, has been found lurking in a London Community Trade Mark Court. It was there t...
When the Writ Hits the Phan NEW
The IPKat 6 Days, 11 Hours, 31 Minutes ago
Making YouTube videos for a living or as a hobby is a growing phenomenon. You can delve into the lives of “beauty gurus” or watch tutorials on just about everything from cooking help to how to make rainbow loom bracelets. While creating n...
EU copyright Public Consultation responses Katseries #2: linking and browsing NEW
The IPKat 6 Days, 18 Hours, 54 Minutes ago
As reported by this very blog, yesterday afternoon the Directorate General for Internal Market and Services of the European Commission released its Report on the 9,500 responses to the Public Consultation on the Review of EU Copyr...
Comic relief? Glee Club remedies step into the limelight NEW
The IPKat 6 Days, 19 Hours, 21 Minutes ago
Twentieth Century Cats: a fox-free chorus line ..."Glee" is a word that suggests happiness and pleasure to many, but which has caused the occasional judicial brow to furrow. Last year Mr Justice Birss concluded that there is "no material difference b...
Wednesday whimsies NEW
The IPKat 1 Week, 7 Hours, 32 Minutes ago
Around the weblogs.  Over on the increasingly busy SOLO IP blog, IPKat team member contrasts the fortunes of IP practitioners in small practices with those of medical practitioners: which has had the better deal over the past few...
BREAKING: Report on responses to Public Consultation on EU copyright now available NEW
The IPKat 1 Week, 11 Hours, 46 Minutes ago
KAT-EXCLUSIVE: One of the many messages that reached the Commission during the time of the ConsultationAs this blog reported a few days ago, there were rumours that, whilst publication of the White Paper on EU copyright had been indefinitely del...
Distasteful -- or worse? Trade mark registration, morality and public sentiment NEW
The IPKat 1 Week, 14 Hours, 51 Minutes ago
The IPKat received earlier today an email from Alan Clarke (Clarke IP Ltd), who writes:"You may be interested to hear of this extremely distasteful (alleged - I've not checked any facts) attempt to register trade marks for the flight numbers of the t...
Italian court says that Wikipedia cannot be responsible for third party content NEW
The IPKat 1 Week, 20 Hours, 56 Minutes ago
Earlier this month the Tribunale di Roma (Rome District Court) had some say on theliability of hosting providers for third party content. It was not an IP case, but rather a slander/defamation one, and concerned the Italian version of the Wikipe...