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Watching, Waiting, Anticipating: how will NICE deliver on the new asthma guidelines? NEW
MHP Blog 17 Hours, 14 Minutes ago
While the asthma community has not been the first this year to challenge the validity and practicality of NICE guidelines, their reaction in January to the proposed guideline on diagnosis and monitoring of asthma characterises the struggles facing NI...
Brexit – in, out, shake it all about. NEW
MHP Blog 3 Days, 12 Hours, 14 Minutes ago
Last week MHP co-hosted a roundtable with Liberum for private equity and hedge fund executives, to discuss the implications for investors of an early referendum on the UK leaving the EU. Seated around the table were a dozen heavyweight investors to h...
Why journalists on Twitter now determine our news diet NEW
MHP Blog 3 Days, 13 Hours, 33 Minutes ago
More people are now accessing news on Twitter and Facebook, but could this change in our media consumption habits also be changing the role of journalists? A recent study by Pew Research Center found more social media users now see platforms as a new...
The SNP’s EVEL crocodile tears NEW
MHP Blog 4 Days, 11 Hours, 22 Minutes ago
Pete Wishart is not one to mince his words. The nationalists’ de facto spokesman on English votes for English laws (EVEL) launched a broadside on the floor of the house last week. For the SNP leader of the Scottish Affairs Select Committee, the...
Welcome to the Cheap Seats NEW
MHP Blog 4 Days, 16 Hours, 15 Minutes ago
In the past few weeks there has been much muttering about the dilapidated state of my old place of work, the Palace of Westminster.  Riddled with asbestos, crumbling to dust, sliding into the river – if you believe the hype then Parliament...
Healthcare’s dominance of the news agenda shows the value of inspiration NEW
MHP Blog 5 Days, 15 Hours, 51 Minutes ago
This is being written during a tumultuous yet immensely gratifying 48 hours for healthcare communicators.  Against a backdrop of high-profile stories around cuts to Government departments and welfare, two inspirational health stories are dominat...
Innovating for the future success of the health service NEW
MHP Blog 1 Week, 12 Hours, 11 Minutes ago
Squaring the circle of continuous innovation in the health service, while finances are squeezed has been a challenge for the NHS for as long as I can remember.  At the NHS Confederation annual conference last year Simon Stevens, the Chief Exec o...
Effective Communications Index NEW
MHP Blog 1 Week, 15 Hours, 28 Minutes ago
The annual MHP Effective Communications Index attempts to provide tangible answers to the most important, yet often intangible communications challenges faced by organisations today. How do I make sure that communications with our stakeholders genera...
MHP’s 30 To Watch NEW
MHP Blog 1 Week, 15 Hours, 28 Minutes ago
We believe that there are too few champions of the UK media industry – and particularly of the contribution of young journalists, who are having a huge impact on their editorial teams, as well as online, on social media and most importantly; wi...
The Cameron Conservative Government NEW
MHP Blog 1 Week, 15 Hours, 30 Minutes ago
Shortly after the May 2015 General Election, MHP Corporate Affairs published this comprehensive report, The Cameron Conservative Government: A Guide To The Policies And Challenges. The result took many people by surprise. For the first time since 199...
Is Rare The New Common? NEW
MHP Blog 1 Week, 15 Hours, 32 Minutes ago
The Accelerated Access Review presents a once in a generation opportunity to ensure that patients with rare diseases have rapid access to the medicines they need. But it also begs more fundamental questions about what the future holds for patients, h...
Is Knowledge Power? NEW
MHP Blog 1 Week, 15 Hours, 34 Minutes ago
MHP Health and the Patient Information Forum (PiF) have collaborated on a short report, which investigates whether current approaches of patient information are enough to support people to truly be equal partners in their own care.   Using a pol...
An Opportunity Lost NEW
MHP Blog 1 Week, 15 Hours, 36 Minutes ago
New digital technologies have transformed British society. The internet gives political parties, MPs and citizens greater opportunities for increased engagement and information sharing and, perhaps, increased participation and greater trust in politi...
Health And Housing NEW
MHP Blog 1 Week, 15 Hours, 37 Minutes ago
Health And Housing explores how housing is being considered in areas of the country tasked with piloting the integration of health and social care services.   Using analysis of these area’s joint strategic need assessments (JSNAs), MHP Hea...
All in this together NEW
MHP Blog 1 Week, 15 Hours, 40 Minutes ago
With integration a key political priority, MHP Health investigates how councils are using the Better Care Fund, the Government’s £3.8bn pot of money to drive integration in 2015-16.   Using an extensive audit, MHP Health examines how...
Round the wine world with Laithwaite’s NEW
MHP Blog 1 Week, 15 Hours, 45 Minutes ago
When you’ve already paired wine with edible insects, mapped out the nation’s wine habits and declared the 15th December as the UK’s busiest wine-buying day of the year, the next creative idea for wine-merchant client, Laithwaite&rsq...
Why Auntie ‎matters NEW
MHP Blog 1 Week, 3 Days, 16 Hours, 35 Minutes ago
After weeks of speculation yesterday finally saw the publication of the Government’s Green Paper on the future of the BBC. Depending on who you listen to, this was a long-overdue effort to refocus the Beeb on its core purpose, or a blatant atte...
Which? V Retailers NEW
MHP Blog 1 Week, 4 Days, 10 Hours, 59 Minutes ago
The success today of the Which? Super-complaint against the super-markets comes not so much in the form of the findings of the CMA, but in the process and power of the supercomplaint itself.  There is an obvious temptation for retailers to shrug...
MHP Blog 1 Week, 4 Days, 15 Hours, 57 Minutes ago
Following Kanye’s controversial performance at Glastonbury last month, there have been a fresh wave of discussions about the Marmite-esque musician. Whether people love him or hate him, people know him. It poses the question, do you have to be...
Corporate & Financial Awards 2015: Best IPO communications NEW
MHP Blog 1 Week, 5 Days, 17 Hours, 36 Minutes ago
The post Corporate & Financial Awards 2015: Best IPO communications appeared first on MHP.