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Minimum wage and pension reform in Germany: A headwind for growth? NEW
Bruegel blog 1 Day, 19 Hours, 11 Minutes ago
Authors: Philine SchuseilKey components of the coalition agreement between Merkel’s CDU and the Social Democrats are the adoption of a nationwide minimum wage and the introduction of new pension benefits, in particular early retirement at 63. T...
Unanswered FAQs on Research and Innovation NEW
Bruegel blog 2 Days, 13 Hours, 4 Minutes ago
Authors: Marco TestoniWhat is the impact of research and innovation policies in Europe? Which policies better address the EU2020 challenges? The SIMPATIC Collaborative Research Project tries to answer these questions by providing policy makers with a...
Germany relishes role of hegemon, but is not able to play the part NEW
Bruegel blog 2 Days, 21 Hours, 42 Minutes ago
Authors: Ashoka ModyThis article first appeared on Project Syndicate, 14 April 2014. German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble recently declared that the European Union has “moved sovereignty to the European level” – a startli...
Appreciate the yuan depreciation NEW
Bruegel blog 3 Days, 15 Hours, 58 Minutes ago
Authors: Xu QiyuanThis article was published in China Daily on 8 April 2014. Since the beginning of this year, the renminbi has been depreciating against the US dollar. That marked a departure from the earlier trend of the Chinese currency appreciat...
Blogs review: The wonk bubble NEW
Bruegel blog 3 Days, 20 Hours, 47 Minutes ago
Authors: Jérémie Cohen-SettonWhat’s at stake: There’s been an interesting development phase in the news industry with fresh money being poured into ventures that want to become the next big thing in how America consumes cont...
Why China’s haste to internationalise the renminbi? NEW
Bruegel blog 6 Days, 19 Hours, 23 Minutes ago
Authors: Guonan MaLast week, the People’s Bank of China (PBC), the Chinese central bank, signed agreements with the Bundesbank and Bank of England, respectively, over the clearing and settlement of renminbi (RMB) payments in Frankfurt and Londo...
Chart of the week: IMF forecasts euro area inflation to stay well below 2% target for years to come NEW
Bruegel blog 1 Week, 18 Hours, 10 Minutes ago
Authors: Marco Antonielli, Carlos De SousaIn the April 2014 update of the World Economic Outlook (WEO) released this week, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts a fall in the average inflation for the euro area to 0.9% in 2014, down from 1.
Could Russia's troubles affect the world economy? NEW
Bruegel blog 1 Week, 2 Days, 19 Hours, 45 Minutes ago
Authors: Georg ZachmannRead also comments 'Can Europe survive without Russian gas?' and 'The cost of escalating sanctions on Russia over Ukraine and Crimea'The sanctions applied by the European Union and the United States against Russia in retaliatio...
Ukraine's currency crash NEW
Bruegel blog 1 Week, 3 Days, 12 Hours, 18 Minutes ago
Authors: Zsolt DarvasUkraine’s crisis of politics and territorial integrity has left its mark on the exchange rate of Ukraine’s currency, the Hryvnia. From 2009 until the protests on Maidan square intensified towards the end of 2013, the...
Blogs review: High frequency trading NEW
Bruegel blog 1 Week, 3 Days, 20 Hours, 14 Minutes ago
Authors: Jérémie Cohen-SettonWhat’s at stake: Michael Lewis’ new book “Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt” has unleashed a huge controversy about the economic benefits and costs of high frequency trading (HFT). For...
Discussion: Can border carbon taxes fit into the global trade regime? NEW
Bruegel blog 1 Week, 6 Days, 21 Hours, 33 Minutes ago
Authors: Henrik Horn, André SapirReinhard Quick – Director Brussels Office of the German Chemical Industry Association, as well as a well-known trade specialist in Brussels and Honorary Professor for international economic law, Saarland...
Is there a risk of deflation in the euro area? NEW
Bruegel blog 2 Weeks, 21 Hours, 24 Minutes ago
Authors: Grégory Claeys, Pia Hüttl, Silvia MerlerThis is a policy question of high relevance as low inflation rates can undermine the sustainability of public and private debt, make relative price adjustment in the euro area more difficul...
Taylor-rule interest rates for euro area countries: diversity remains NEW
Bruegel blog 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 7 Hours, 58 Minutes ago
Authors: Zsolt DarvasLast September we wrote a blog post with Silvia Merler on Taylor-rule interest rate recommendations for euro area countries (see this post for explanation and interpretation of the results). Here is the update. Not much has chan...
Blogs Review: Capital in the twenty-first century NEW
Bruegel blog 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 17 Hours, 5 Minutes ago
Authors: David C. SahaWhat’s at stake: Thomas Piketty, probably the leading researcher on inequality, has recently published his magnum opus “Capital in the twenty-first century”. The book, which is the culmination of years of resea...
Interactive map: Europe’s social polarisation and the generational struggle NEW
Bruegel blog 2 Weeks, 2 Days, 13 Hours, 21 Minutes ago
Authors: Olga TschekassinSee also policy brief 'Europe's social problem and its implications for economic growth'According to the latest Eurobarometer survey on the social impact of the crisis, 80% of respondents believe that poverty has increased in...
The calm after the storm: developments in Cyprus’ banking sector NEW
Bruegel blog 2 Weeks, 6 Days, 20 Hours, 32 Minutes ago
Authors: Carlos De Sousa, Daehyeon KimThe calm after the storm: developments in Cyprus’ banking sector Carlos de Sousa and Daehyeon Kim On March 24th, the Central Bank of Cyprus released new data on key aggregate financial stability indicator...
Eastern promises: The IMF-Ukraine bailout NEW
Bruegel blog 3 Weeks, 16 Hours, 10 Minutes ago
Authors: Ricardo Giucci, Georg ZachmannRead our comments on Ukraine and Russia 'Eastern promises: The IMF-Ukraine bailout', 'Interactive chart: How Europe can replace Russian gas', 'Can Europe survive without Russian gas?', 'The cost o...
Transatlantic trade, butterflies and earthquakes NEW
Bruegel blog 3 Weeks, 2 Days, 16 Hours, 10 Minutes ago
Authors: Marco AntonielliEuropean Union and United States heads’ of state are meeting this week to reinforce among other things the political will to conclude the transatlantic trade talks termed the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Part...
Interactive chart: How Europe can replace Russian gas NEW
Bruegel blog 3 Weeks, 3 Days, 18 Hours, 6 Minutes ago
Authors: Georg Zachmann, Michele Peruzzi, Erik DaleLast week, we analysed whether Europe could replace Russian gas, and we identified some options for Europe to do so. These included importing natural gas from other sources or increasi...
Blogs review: Does economic growth have a future in the United States? NEW
Bruegel blog 3 Weeks, 3 Days, 21 Hours, 2 Minutes ago
Authors: Jérémie Cohen-SettonWhat’s at stake: In an effort to rebut the criticisms that his controversial 2012 paper “Is U.S. economic growth over?” drew and the recent affirmations by techno-optimists that productivit...