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Latest posts
CNN's Countdown to Greek Bankruptcy Ignites Enraged Reactions NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 1 Day, 11 Hours, 45 Minutes ago
A provocative countdown to the Greek bankruptcy, inspired by CNN, triggered a storm of reactions in the Greek online community.
Here's How Russia's New ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Compares to Europe's NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 2 Days, 12 Hours, 37 Minutes ago
RuNet Echo looks at new Russian legislation that would introduce a "right to be forgotten" online, comparing it to the landmark European Court decision last year.
A Documentary “Too Black To be French” Wants to Start an Honest Conversation on Race in France NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 3 Days, 17 Hours, 18 Minutes ago
“Too Black To be French” is a documentary made by Isabelle Boni-Claverie, a french-Ivorian writer and filmmaker. Boni-Claverie's goal is to provide unexplored ideas and start a conversation on french society's inequalities and d...
Cats and Kittens Flood an Italian Anti-Immigration Politician's Facebook Page NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 3 Days, 22 Hours, 4 Minutes ago
#gattinisusalvini was a virtual flashmob meant to “bring adorable kitten-messengers of love to the walls of those who take life too seriously."...
Greece's Great Fight for the Future NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 3 Days, 23 Hours, 27 Minutes ago
Following a surprise midnight announcement last week, Greece and all Europe brace for a referendum that will have profound repercussions for the future of the Eurozone.
A UK Shoe Shop Employee Crowdfunds Hundreds of Thousands of Euros to Bail Out Greece NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 5 Days, 16 Hours, 32 Minutes ago
"European ministers flexing their muscles and posturing over whether they can help the Greek people of not. Why don't we the people just sort it instead?"...
Israel Intercepts International Gaza-Bound Freedom Flotilla NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 6 Days, 20 Hours, 52 Minutes ago
"It is disappointing that the Israeli government chose to continue the absolutely fruitless policy of 'no tolerance', meaning it will continue to enforce an inhumane and illegal collective punishment..."...
Thousands Take to Rome's Streets to Echo Pope Francis’ Call for Climate Action NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 6 Days, 22 Hours, 31 Minutes ago
"...all of humanity needs to stand united in addressing the crisis of our times. Climate change is an issue for everyone with a moral conscience.”...
Herve Cornara's Relatives Want Him to Be Remembered As a Great Guy, Not the Beheaded Victim of a Lunatic NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 1 Week, 22 Hours, 42 Minutes ago
Herve Cornara was the manager of ATC, a delivery company in Chassieu in the suburbs of Lyon, France. More importantly, he was a father of a young man and  by his relatives and colleagues. Cornara was killed and beheaded by Yassin Salhi next to a...
More Europeans Migrate to Latin America Than Vice Versa, Study Finds NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 1 Week, 2 Days, 19 Hours, 28 Minutes ago
In 2012, more than 181,000 Europeans left their countries for Latin America in comparison with the 119,000 Latin Americans who migrated in the opposite direction.
Help Wanted to Make Sure the U.N. Climate Change Conference COP 21 Will Result in Concrete Actions NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 1 Week, 2 Days, 23 Hours, 32 Minutes ago
The year 2015 is especially important for our planet’s climate. One of the highlights is the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) that will take place from Nov.
New Art Project Seeks to Paint the Lives Lost in Palestine NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 1 Week, 4 Days, 11 Hours, 57 Minutes ago
#BeyondWordsGaza seeks to paint the lives lost last summer in Palestine and donate the portraits to the families of the victims.
Pope Francis’ Call to ‘Hear Both the Cry of the Earth and the Cry of the Poor’ Resonates in the Philippines NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 1 Week, 6 Days, 9 Hours, 39 Minutes ago
Environmentalists in the country also called on the Vatican to divest from fossil fuels.
Australia's Matildas Waltz Into the Women's World Cup Knockout Round NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 2 Weeks, 4 Days, 20 Hours, 53 Minutes ago
"I can see #AUS going far in this World Cup. They're playing some of their best ball and I love it. "...
Candlelight Vigil for the 23 Victims of Boko Haram Suicide Bombings in Chad NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 2 Weeks, 5 Days, 18 Hours, 51 Minutes ago
Two suicide bombings killed at least 23 people Monday (June 15) in Chad's capital N'djamena. Chad government stated that four attackers belonged to extremist group Boko Haram and were killed by the blast which targeted police. More than 100 people we...
Human Rights Activist Begins Hunger Strike for Migrants in front of Macedonian Parliament NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 2 Weeks, 6 Days, 14 Hours, 47 Minutes ago
The growing migration crisis has recently also affected countries in southeastern Europe, with new issues arising almost daily. Reacting to the inhumane treatment of migrants who pass through Republic of Macedonia, renowned human rights activist ...
Georgian Society Growing Weary of the West NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 3 Weeks, 1 Hour, 36 Minutes ago
Ex-Soviet Georgia threw its lot in with the West some time ago. But what has it received in return?
Djibouti: At the Heart of the Fight Against Islamic Extremism in the Horn of Africa NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 3 Weeks, 1 Day, 13 Hours, 25 Minutes ago
Regional instability is a weight around strategically-located Djibouti's neck. But it is also a key source of income for the impoverished country.
Activists Claim the UK Government Has Sent Deported Pakistani Student Majid Ali to His Death NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 3 Weeks, 1 Day, 15 Hours, 56 Minutes ago
The recent deportation of a Pakistani student Majid Ali from Scotland sparked a debate among young students who are questioning why deport first and ask questions later?
Francophone Africa Is the New Land of Opportunity for the French Media Industry NEW
Global Voices Western Europe 3 Weeks, 2 Days, 23 Hours, 49 Minutes ago
The French media market is stagnant, but some see the African continent as the place to re-boot growth in the sector.