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#Critical Minds at work NEW
European Alternatives 2 Days, 2 Hours, 11 Minutes ago
From adaptive leadership to subversion, from TTIP to a crash course on EU politics, participants to the #FixEurope Campus had a lot of food for thought on their first day at the campus.
Participants arrive to #FixEurope Campus NEW
European Alternatives 3 Days, 9 Hours, 42 Minutes ago
In spite of the strikes of the German airlines we managed to bring most of the #FixEuropean-activists without bigger struggles to the beautiful castle of Wartin.
European Alternatives 1 Week, 1 Day, 7 Hours, 41 Minutes ago
From Puerta del Sol in Madrid to Pungești in Romania and from the Icelandic constitutional assembly to mass protests in Athens, people in Europe have been going out on the streets, occupying squares, organising, resisting and crea...
At the Margins: Europe and Migration NEW
European Alternatives 1 Week, 3 Days, 2 Hours, 46 Minutes ago
There are those who die trying to reach our borders, escaping from poverty, famine, violence, dictatorships, wars, persecution, in search of a dignified life. There are those who are detained, who experience human rights abuses while being detained o...
The ‘New Turkey’ NEW
European Alternatives 1 Week, 3 Days, 3 Hours, 58 Minutes ago
Looking at the first 50 days of the so-called New Turkey, since the August 10 Presidential elections, one cannot observe anything new, except for a few new methods in violation of rights and liberties.
The hidden face of immigration detention camps NEW
European Alternatives 1 Week, 4 Days, 8 Hours, 42 Minutes ago
Open Access Now is organising this year again a period of mobilisation in Europe and beyond, which will start on October 15th at the European Parliament, during a meeting with the members of the campaign and MEPs, under the patronage of Marie-Christi...
Who are we, the citizens? NEW
European Alternatives 2 Weeks, 3 Days, 5 Hours, 43 Minutes ago
Article by Saskia Sassen. Today citizenship is in crisis, but we can and must find yet another version of the meaning of citizenship from throughout its long history and our present conditions.
Victory! European Parliament blocks Tibor Navracsics NEW
European Alternatives 2 Weeks, 5 Days, 1 Hour, 46 Minutes ago
Success of our campaign to show the Hungarian foreign minister is unfit to become EU Commissioner for Citizenship, Culture, Education and Youth!
3 questions to… Andy Williamson NEW
European Alternatives 2 Weeks, 5 Days, 2 Hours, 52 Minutes ago
Andy Williamson is an internationally recognised expert in digital democracy, innovation and transforming engagement. An experienced facilitator, consultant, researcher and commentator focussing on digital, society and policy, Andy has a passion for...
Campus Speakers & Trainers NEW
European Alternatives 3 Weeks, 2 Days, 8 Hours, 26 Minutes ago
  Ádám Foldes joined Transparency International in September 2012 after working for more than three years with Transparency International Hungary. Prior, he conducted researches, advocacy and policy development to promote and defen...
Open letter to Jean-Claude Juncker NEW
European Alternatives 1 Month, 2 Days, 19 Hours, 17 Minutes ago
This letter is regarding the designation of Mr. Tibor Navracsics as Commissioner for for Education, Youth, Culture and Citizenship...
Europe+ Statement on Hungarian Commissioner nomination NEW
European Alternatives 1 Month, 4 Days, 14 Minutes ago
The authoritarian drift of an EU Member State indicated through the clear and repeated threats made against the Hungarian democratic system can no longer be ignored.
European Education, Culture, Youth and Citizenship should not be put in Orban’s hands NEW
European Alternatives 1 Month, 6 Days, 17 Hours, 31 Minutes ago
We oppose the nomination of a representative of Orban's authoritarian regime as Commissioner for Citizenship, Culture, Education and Youth...
FixEurope Speakers NEW
European Alternatives 1 Month, 2 Weeks, 22 Hours, 2 Minutes ago
The #FixEurope Campus and Conference will host many speakers and trainers from throughout Europe. This page will be updated constantly in the lead-up to the campus.
European Media Initiative closes with 200,000 Signatures for press freedom NEW
European Alternatives 1 Month, 3 Weeks, 1 Day, 16 Hours, 31 Minutes ago
Signature collection for the European Citizen’s Initiative for Media Pluralism has closed with an important result that testified the success of the initiative. The campaign, coordinated throughout Europe by European Alternatives and Alliance I...
#FixEurope Autumn Campus NEW
European Alternatives 1 Month, 3 Weeks, 6 Days, 22 Hours, 15 Minutes ago
We invite citizens, civil society activists, members of movements, organisations and networks from across Europe to the #FixEurope Autumn Campus in Berlin. This is a call for action, for advancing the agenda of transnational activism for democracy in...
EIMP: Thank-you to all supporters NEW
European Alternatives 2 Months, 1 Week, 8 Hours, 30 Minutes ago
Since Aug 19, 2013 we have mobilised European citizen's in defense of their fundamental right to free and pluralistic information. Our aim was, and will remain, to make sure that requests for help will be heard in the institutions in Brussels, and th...
Hungarian despotism: Europe must act NEW
European Alternatives 2 Months, 2 Weeks, 5 Days, 9 Hours, 34 Minutes ago
Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has openly vowed to turn the country into an ‘illiberal state’. Europe cannot let this happen.
Sabir Maydan- The first Forum of Mediterranean Citizenship NEW
European Alternatives 2 Months, 3 Weeks, 12 Hours, 42 Minutes ago
A “square” open to public debate about democracy, citizenship and the future of the Mediterranean. “SABIRMaydan” forum wants to be a place of analysis, exchange and the shaping of a Mediterranean citizenship, toward a common d...
Open Letter to the people of Belgrade NEW
European Alternatives 2 Months, 3 Weeks, 3 Days, 7 Hours, 35 Minutes ago
The current proposal to revamp Belgrade's waterfront, with a huge architectural project called 'Belgrade on the water', has international scholars and experts on urban development and planning concerned.