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What Is The Risk The Euro Crisis Will Reignite? NEW
A Fistful of Euros 1 Week, 6 Days, 17 Hours, 25 Minutes ago
The euro zone crisis is not back — at least not yet. Recent movements in global markets following concerns about Portugal’s Banco Espirito Santo really had as much to do with market nerves after a long spell of repressed volatility &helli...
The Italian Runaway Train NEW
A Fistful of Euros 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 8 Hours, 21 Minutes ago
There has been lot’s of debate in the press and in academic circles over the last week or so about whether Italy’s latest contraction constitutes a triple dip recession or simply a continuation of what’s been going on over many &hel...
Abenomics – What Could Possibly Go Wrong? NEW
A Fistful of Euros 2 Weeks, 4 Days, 5 Hours, 32 Minutes ago
If this week’s economics news is positive then that is good.  But if it’s bad then that’s even better, since there is more potential for it to improve next week, and if it doesn’t, well that’s doubly better since th...
Spain and the IMF: Round the Bend or Out of the Woods? NEW
A Fistful of Euros 1 Month, 2 Weeks, 3 Days, 21 Hours, 5 Minutes ago
“Spain has turned the corner”. With this stark statement the IMF opened it’s annual Article IV consultation report for 2014. Naturally the statement rankled, with this author among others, because at first sight it seems to be sayin...
Multipliers and adding up NEW
A Fistful of Euros 2 Months, 2 Days, 8 Hours, 40 Minutes ago
Bank for International Settlements 84th Annual Report, page 11 – Second, as growing evidence suggests, balance sheet recessions are less responsive to traditional demand management measures (Chapter V). One reason is that banks need t...
Japan Inflation At A 32 Year High? NEW
A Fistful of Euros 2 Months, 3 Days, 7 Hours, 50 Minutes ago
Just in case anyone was in any doubt last weeks newspaper  headlines blared it out for us loud and clear – Japanese inflation is back, and has even hit levels last seen in 1982. (Click on image below for better … Continue reading &r...
Yes, the German government took traffic for the NSA NEW
A Fistful of Euros 2 Months, 6 Days, 3 Hours, 45 Minutes ago
You know when I said the NSA was getting telecoms intercepts from the German intelligence services? They were.
You still don’t have to have Juncker. NEW
A Fistful of Euros 2 Months, 6 Days, 4 Hours, 39 Minutes ago
Stefan Kornelius in the Süddeutsche Zeitung says that it’s a myth that the EU has always managed to bring off major reforms, once it really came under pressure. Instead, whenever it came under pressure, it managed to do something dramatic...
You voted for it, in short. NEW
A Fistful of Euros 2 Months, 1 Week, 3 Days, 8 Hours, 18 Minutes ago
So this is a thing. It must be – it’s in the New York Times Magazine and the Süddeutsche Zeitung on the same weekend. Dean Baker is rough on It’s Official: the Boomerang Kids Won’t Leave. To be fair, the … Continue...
World Cup thread NEW
A Fistful of Euros 2 Months, 1 Week, 3 Days, 8 Hours, 38 Minutes ago
EU news is as depressing as it could possibly be. Let’s watch football. I always regret the World Cup group stage once it’s over. It’s the bit that actually expresses the whole “worldwide festival of football” element, b...
Really. NEW
A Fistful of Euros 2 Months, 1 Week, 3 Days, 8 Hours, 51 Minutes ago
So, the “mini-summit” of Socialist heads of state or government has happened, and it says….Juncker! Their conditions for this are apparently: more time for “reforms” this time is conditional on “reforms” no...
Don’t let them do it to you: Juncker edition NEW
A Fistful of Euros 2 Months, 1 Week, 5 Days, 4 Hours, 50 Minutes ago
One of the things that annoyed me about the rush to Juncker, as it were, can be summed up by this chart from the European Parliament in the UK. LATEST STATE OF PLAY: Updated European Parliament group projections. pic.twitter.com/3ExdEUdyk8 — &h...
Olli Rehn: a tribute NEW
A Fistful of Euros 2 Months, 1 Week, 5 Days, 14 Hours, 28 Minutes ago
Olli Rehn’s last ECOFIN press conference has just finished. AFOE would like to take this momentous occasion as an opportunity to salute Rehn’s towering achievements, and Matthew Yglesias passes on exactly what we need. Yes, we know he was...
Will Japan Re-enter Deflation in April 2015? NEW
A Fistful of Euros 2 Months, 1 Week, 5 Days, 17 Hours, 9 Minutes ago
Reading the most recent statements from Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda or Finance Minister Taro Aso you would get the impression that the days of deflation are now well and truly numbered in Japan. Martin Schulz, economist at Fujitsu …...
Secular Stagnation Part II – On Bubble Business Bound NEW
A Fistful of Euros 2 Months, 2 Weeks, 3 Days, 7 Hours, 42 Minutes ago
“I now suspect that the kind of moderate economic policy regime…… that by and large lets markets work, but in which the government is ready both to rein in excesses and fight slumps – is inherently unstable.” Paul Krug...
The “Hot Labour” Phenomenon NEW
A Fistful of Euros 2 Months, 3 Weeks, 17 Hours, 51 Minutes ago
Strong growth. Rising real estate prices. Rapid job creation. Surging immigration. This list sums up the Switzerland of 2014 down to a tee. However, it also sounds like a description of what things were like in Spain in 2007 – … Continue...
Secular Stagnation Part 1 – Paul Krugman’s Bicycling Problem NEW
A Fistful of Euros 2 Months, 3 Weeks, 5 Days, 9 Hours, 47 Minutes ago
“What’s really happening fast is the demographic transition, with Europe very quickly turning Japanese.” Paul Krugman – For Bonds, This Time is Different Ever since Larry Summers gave his game-changing speech at last autumn&rs...
You can learn a lot from reading the newspaper…closely. NEW
A Fistful of Euros 2 Months, 3 Weeks, 6 Days, 3 Hours, 36 Minutes ago
Make your mind up on Europe, Mr Cameron, we are told by a member of Der Spiegel‘s editorial board. If Merkel picks Juncker it will be living democracy, against the stubborn blockers, says Der Spiegel. Elsewhere, we discover that it’s &hel...
Before the Euro, there was the EMS NEW
A Fistful of Euros 3 Months, 6 Days, 20 Hours, 15 Minutes ago
Paul Krugman, reacting to what appears to be a somewhat self-serving discussion by EU elites at the ECB Forum in Portugal – Sorry, but depression-level slumps didn’t happen in Europe before the coming of the euro.  The chart is unemp...
Mario Draghi’s Ongoing Faustian Pact NEW
A Fistful of Euros 3 Months, 1 Week, 4 Days, 21 Hours, 49 Minutes ago
Word has it that Mario Draghi is busily working up a new version of his “whatever it takes” methodology. This time the objective is not saving the Eurozone, but maintaining the region’s inflation at or near the ECBs official 2% &hel...