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5 things that might help save Europe.
Jason O'Mahony 2 Years, 10 Months, 5 Days, 19 Hours, 18 Minutes ago
Let’s be honest: the eurozone crisis is not all that is wrong with Europe, but the final straw that did the damage, bringing to the surface pretty much every grievance and complaint people have about the European Union and the process of Europe...

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Week in Bloggingportal: Of dinners and nuanced debate
bloggingportal.eu 2 Years, 10 Months, 3 Days, 11 Hours, 27 Minutes ago
¬† ¬†Stage rehersals for Van Rompuy’s summit entrance earlier this week. CC BY proteusbcn   It’s been a week where the European debate has been in the spotlight. From various takes on the European summit on preventing the economic co...