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Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi et la « PanEurope »
Le Taurillon 1 Year, 8 Months, 5 Days, 15 Hours, 41 Minutes ago
Quand ils entreront dans la capitale autrichienne - lors de l'Anschluss, en mars 1938 - les paramilitaires nazis mettront à sac le siège de son association « PanEurope », à la Hofburg de Vienne. On sait également qu'Adolf Hitler le détestait p...

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Daily Digest: Anger in Germany towards Monti’s ‘undemocratic’ appeal
Beyond Brussels 1 Year, 8 Months, 1 Week, 1 Day, 11 Hours, 25 Minutes ago
In the interview with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti which was published by the German paper, der Spiegel yesterday, some of Monti’s comments have caused an outrage among German politicians. Leading a cabinet of technocrats in debt-stricken...