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July 2015
Maritime affairs

31 posts
Blog of Commissioner Damanaki 2 Years, 7 Months, 4 Weeks, 16 Hours, 52 Minutes ago
Number of View: 145Sea basin strategies: joining forces on environment, tourism, transport, energy and research and innovation One of the key-messages I delivered, speaking at the Royal Palace Foundation Symposium “The North Sea: past, present...
Grécia | Chineses ressuscitam o Pireu (The New York Times, Nova Iorque ) NEW
Presseurop Blogue (PT) 2 Years, 8 Months, 2 Weeks, 5 Days, 3 Hours, 50 Minutes ago
Desde que passou a gerir parte do histórico porto grego do Pireu, a empresa chinesa Cosco duplicou o tráfego de carga durante o último ano. A parte grega do porto olha com ceticismo, e talvez alguma inveja, refere um artigo do New York Times. Ver...
Griechenland | Chinesische Kur am Kai von Piräus (The New York Times, New York) NEW
Presseurop Blog (DE) 2 Years, 8 Months, 2 Weeks, 5 Days, 4 Hours, 38 Minutes ago
Seitdem die chinesische Firma Cosco einen Teil des historischen Hafens von Piräus verwaltet, hat sich der Frachtverkehr im letzten Jahr verdoppelt. Die andere, griechische Seite des Hafens schaut skeptisch – und wohl auch neidisch – zu. Mehr....
Řecko | Čínský Pireus vzkvétá (The New York Times, New York) NEW
Presseurop Blogy (CZ) 2 Years, 8 Months, 2 Weeks, 5 Days, 4 Hours, 38 Minutes ago
Čínská společnost Cosco převzala zhruba před dvěma roky kontrolu nad částí historického řeckého přístavu Pireus. A jen za poslední rok se tam objem nákladní dopravy zdvojnásobil. Druhá, řecká část přístavu tomuto vývoji př...
La crise provoque une vague de démolitions navales NEW
Le Blogueur (arte) 2 Years, 8 Months, 2 Weeks, 6 Days, 18 Hours, 30 Minutes ago
Avec la crise économique le rythme des démolitions navales s'accélère. Une phénomène qui s'explique par une utilisation moindre des navires et le coût important des matières recyclées.
Le Parlement européen vote une résolution en faveur d'un véritable Plan Marshall pour l'Arc Atlantique NEW
Regards citoyens 2 Years, 9 Months, 2 Days, 23 Hours, 6 Minutes ago
Les députés européens ont adopté jeudi 13 septembre "un véritable plan Marshall pour l'Arc Atlantique", explique Alain Cadec (PPE, français), rapporteur d'un résolution sur le sujet. Ils ont voté à mainlevée, à Strasbourg, leurs priori...
Blog of Commissioner Damanaki 2 Years, 9 Months, 3 Days, 23 Hours, 53 Minutes ago
Number of View: 112Almost 13 years ago, the Erika oil tanker sank off the coast of Brittany, causing a major environmental disaster. Last week, the French Cour de Cassation confirmed the civil liability of the certification company, the ship’s owne...
Arco Atlántico NEW
Antonio Masip 2 Years, 9 Months, 6 Days, 21 Hours, 23 Minutes ago
Invitado por el diputado de centro-derecha francés, Alain Cadec, y con la presencia de un representante de la Comisión Europea y varios diputados, he asistido a una reunión para impulsar el Arco Atlántico, en el que tanto se implicó Asturia...
Blog of Commissioner Damanaki 2 Years, 9 Months, 1 Week, 13 Hours, 47 Minutes ago
Number of View: 80Are you surprised by the growth potential of European maritime economy identified by the Blue Growth study? The marine and maritime economic sectors already employ well over 5 million people and account for a gross value added of
Greek Shipping Gets a Free Ride NEW
WSJ: The Eurocrisis 2 Years, 10 Months, 2 Weeks, 6 Days, 8 Hours, 10 Minutes ago
European countries provide Greece with tens of billions of euros in aid, yet accept that the cash-strapped country cannot for the moment collect tax receipts from its large shipping industry because of the low tax regimes across the Continent, writes...
Another benefit of the shale gas revolution: A bright and clean future for shipping NEW
The New Nostradamus of the North 2 Years, 10 Months, 4 Weeks, 10 Hours ago
The M/S Viking Grace - to be delivered in January 2013 from the STX  Finland Turky shipyard - will be the largest passenger ferry to operate on liquefied natural gas (LNG), making it the most environmentally sound and energy effic...
La piraterie maritime, c’est pas moi ! NEW
Bruxelles2 2 Years, 11 Months, 4 Weeks, 23 Hours, 13 Minutes ago
(BRUXELLES2 à Nicosie) Le commissaire européen Siim Kallas chargé des transports, ne semble pas vraiment concerné par la piraterie maritime. Tombant sur lui (de façon impromptue…) lors de l’inauguration de la présidence européenne,...
Waiting for the "modern world´s first 100 per cent fuel free sailing cargo ship" NEW
The New Nostradamus of the North 3 Years, 1 Week, 5 Days, 11 Hours, 7 Minutes ago
The World Maritime News tells us that "Development is underway to design the modern world’s first 100 per cent fossil fuel free sailing cargo ships":With rising fossil fuel prices and the global challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, this...
Trasporti marittimi: denuncia di Generazione Attiva ad Antitrust fa scattare indagine su Medmar ed Alilauro NEW
Il Blog di Andrea D'Ambra 3 Years, 9 Months, 2 Weeks, 5 Days, 21 Hours, 43 Minutes ago
Le due aziende operanti nel golfo di Napoli sono accusate di pratiche commerciali scorrette e rischiano ciascuna fino a 500mila Euro di multa. Nell’Aprile del 2010 l’Associazione nazionale in difesa dei Consumatori Generazione Attiva invi...
Spanish take action against Pirates NEW
England Expects 4 Years, 7 Months, 2 Weeks, 6 Days, 10 Hours, 56 Minutes ago
They must be remembering the Barbary coast but the actions of SPS INFANTA CRISTINA seem to be interesting.Operating with the EUNVFOR, that is the nacsent EU navy off the coast of Somalia the ship which has been the subject an attack by pirates i...
Maritime safety: new EU rules to 'name and shame' NEW
CTA Brussels Weblog 4 Years, 9 Months, 3 Weeks, 1 Day, 16 Hours, 59 Minutes ago
New rules to enhance and improve the safety performance of ships were adopted today by the European Commission. The rules will introduce, from January 1st 2011, a new online register to "to name and shame" shipping companies which are performing poor...
Día Marítimo Europeo. Conferencia en Gijón el 21/5/2010 NEW
Antonio Masip 5 Years, 1 Month, 1 Week, 5 Days, 4 Hours, 40 Minutes ago
Foto de Marcos León de LA NUEVA ESPAÑATuve el honor de presidir la siguiente mesa con los participantes más abajo indicados: 11:15 – 13:00 «El transporte en el espacio marítimo común europeo» (2.9)El sector europeo del transporte marítimo y...
Marine et puissance maritime NEW
EGEA 5 Years, 1 Month, 1 Week, 5 Days, 20 Hours, 33 Minutes ago
Voici les quelques notes que j'ai prises lors du séminaire de l'autre jour : c'était particulièrement instructif et cela m'a permis de comprendre, par le haut, des questions fort actuelles : bref, une vision "globale" du fait maritime, q...
The Commission urges the Member States to prevent maritime piracy NEW
CTA Brussels Weblog 5 Years, 3 Months, 3 Weeks, 1 Day, 8 Hours, 19 Minutes ago
The European Commission today adopted a recommendation addressed to the Member States to ensure the effective application of measures for self-protection and for preventing acts of piracy and armed attacks against ships. These measures – known as '...
Bremen will mehr Sicherheit auf See NEW
Euro-Police 5 Years, 4 Months, 4 Days, 19 Hours, 57 Minutes ago
Unternehmen gründen maritimes Kompetenznetzwerk Von Krischan Förster [weser-kurier.de] Bremen. Jedes der fünf Bremer Unternehmen für sich ist ...
Bremen will das Meer überwachen NEW
Euro-Police 5 Years, 4 Months, 5 Days, 10 Hours, 23 Minutes ago
Bremer Rüstungs- und Raumfahrtfirmen gründen einen "Kompetenzcluster", um zu Marktführern bei der Überwachung der Häfen und Ozeane aufzusteigen. Alte ...
Migrants at Sea NEW
Julien Frisch 5 Years, 4 Months, 1 Week, 5 Days, 20 Hours, 47 Minutes ago
The EU is considered by some as the stronghold against outsiders, especially those whose fishing grounds we have emptied with our trawlers and whose agriculture we have held small with cheap products thanks to excessive agricultural subsidies. With...
To rule the waves again? NEW
Ideas on Europe 5 Years, 4 Months, 2 Weeks, 3 Days, 9 Hours, 8 Minutes ago
With the rise of an increasingly multipolar world, the time has come for Europeans to invoke their maritime geography once again and look beyond their borders to concentrate on the wider world. The European Union needs to form an immensely powerful n...
Towards a European regime of sea border rescue operations? NEW
European Area of Freedom security and Justice 5 Years, 5 Months, 1 Week, 2 Days, 2 Hours, 28 Minutes ago
How is it possible to avoid conflict of competences between Member States concerning the surveillance of maritime borders in the south of the Mediterranean, as well as possible conflict concerning the responsibility to rescue vessels in danger or to...
European Union: Marine safety standards NEW
Grahnlaw 6 Years, 2 Months, 18 Hours, 32 Minutes ago
Besides proposing Community legislation, acting as guardian of the treaties, administering various EU programmes and functioning as the competition and internal market watchdog of the European Union, the Commission makes subsidiary laws in limited ca...
Somali Piracy - Part 2: Al-Shabaab as the Solution NEW
Francis J. Crystals 6 Years, 2 Months, 3 Weeks, 13 Hours, 12 Minutes ago
Piracy was born as a reaction to the illegal dumping of toxic waste along the Somali coast and to the exploitation of Somali waters by western fishermen. The number of piracy attacks is believed to have escalated due to the actions of the most radica...
Pirates! NEW
The Federal Union blog 6 Years, 2 Months, 3 Weeks, 15 Hours, 56 Minutes ago
It is harder to enforce the law at sea than on land. The notions of territory and sovereignty are applied in a different way. There are two current news stories that illustrate this principle.First, there are the ships in the Indian Ocean sailing p...
Somali Piracy - Part 1: Issues of International Law NEW
Francis J. Crystals 6 Years, 2 Months, 3 Weeks, 1 Day, 14 Hours, 39 Minutes ago
Many strategic experts believe that the international anti-piracy fleet operating in the Gulf of Aden would have to number more than 500 ships in order to effectively police the 600,000 square mile Gulf region, a number which others believe would sti...
Maritime safety: prevention of accidents NEW
CTA Brussels Weblog 6 Years, 3 Months, 3 Weeks, 3 Days, 18 Hours, 59 Minutes ago
On 11 March 2009 the European Parliament finally approved the third package of measures for maritime...
The maritime geopolitics of Eurasia NEW
Global Power Europe 6 Years, 5 Months, 3 Weeks, 8 Hours, 55 Minutes ago
Please click on the play button below to watch! And press the pause button for some of the longer blocks of text. • A version in ‘High Quality’ can be viewed on Youtube. This will make the text clearer. For any regular readers who have not...
EU TFEU: Land, sea and air transport NEW
Grahnlaw 7 Years, 1 Month, 1 Week, 5 Days, 7 Hours, 27 Minutes ago
The EU Treaty of Lisbon continues to make a distinction between rail, road and inland waterway, to which the TFEU Transport Title applies, and sea and air transport, still treated as optional with regard to EU legislation.***Article 100 of the Treaty...